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Borderlands II

Written by Trevor Moortgat, Reporter

January 11, 2013

A lot of great games were released in 2012, and many more to come in 2013.  Among those from last year is Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Halo IV, Far Cry III, and Borderlands II.  The most interesting among these three games is Borderlands II because it has been such a long awaited sequel.  I played...

Sounds of the Season

Written by Kevin Evangelisto, Reporter

December 17, 2012

The “Sounds of the Season Concert” has become an annual holiday tradition at Woodgrove High School.  With a mix of orchestra and choral elements, the concert was a “definite hit” according to Mrs. Jessica Morgan, Choral Director.  In the words of Woodgrove Principal Mr. Shipp, “You could...

Sufjan Stevens’ Christmas Album Review

Written by Sierra McLaughlin, Reporter

December 7, 2012

Sufjan Stevens is an American singer from Detroit Michigan who is best known for his eclectic music with styles varying from electronics to lo-fi folk.  This November, he released a Christmas album entitled “Silver & Gold: Songs for Christmas, Vols. 6-10." In case you think that 58 holiday...

The End of “Twilight”

Written by Erin Traub and Dayna Reynolds, Reporters

December 5, 2012

November 16th marked the end of one of the highest grossing movie franchises of all time.  “Breaking Dawn—Part 2," part of the “Twilight” series, earned the eighth spot for best opening weekends in movie history, grossing $141.3 million in the United States alone.  It grossed another $199.6...

Black Friday Bonanza

Written by Trevor Moortgat, Reporter

November 29, 2012

While most people stay home after Thanksgiving dinner recovering from their massive food coma, an elite, brave few are preparing themselves, mentally and physically, for the chaos that is Black Friday.  Being a first timer to Black Friday, I had no idea what to expect when I was driving into Leesburg...

Coach’s Corner Opens to Great Success

Written by Zach Tabor, Reporter

November 2, 2012

The newest food attraction in Purcellville, the “Coach’s Corner” restaurant, is the talk of the town.  With so many restaurants in Purcellville, it’s hard to be a new business in the food industry, but the restaurant has been consistently busy since opening in mid-October. Upon entering...

Paxton Manor Serves Community by Day and Frightens by Night

Written by Trevor Moortgat, Reporter

November 2, 2012

Paxton Manor in Leesburg is known for many different things.  During the week it is a school for autistic children where students aged 5 to 22 are taught in one building, while pre-schoolers are educated in the old Manor House.  During Halloween season, however, the entire campus is transformed int...

Woodgrove Hauntings

Written by Cate Renner, Editor

October 31, 2012

Getting into the Halloween spirit, the subject of ghosts is brought up often.  Some Woodgrove staff and students spoke up to share their own ghost stories, while others said that they do not believe in ghosts. Junior Scott Siker has had his own ghostly encounters, “When I was 10 years old, I woke...

The Hunger Games Delivers

Written by Erin Traub and Dayna Reynolds, Reporters

March 29, 2012

As midnight approached on the night of March 23rd, fans eagerly lined up awaiting The Hunger Games premiere. With a crowd arriving as early as four hours before the midnight showing, every seat available was filled by 10:30 pm at Cobb Theatres in Leesburg, Virginia. As a result, theatre employees o...

Fans Hungry for “The Hunger Games”

Written by Erin Traub, Reporter

March 19, 2012

March 23, 2012 marks the world premier of “The Hunger Games”, based on the best selling series by Suzanne Collins. “The Hunger Games” trilogy has sold more than 26 million copies worldwide, including 26 foreign editions. The movie counterpart was both co-written and co-produced by Collins herself. The...

Mardi Gras Fundraiser

February 25, 2012

On Saturday, February 18, the Woodgrove Fine Arts Department hosted its second annual Mardi Gras fundraiser. From 6 to 9 pm, students performed and volunteered as people watched and admired the student artwork on display, while enjoying hor'duerves catered by Savoire Fair. Some students volunteered,...

Finally, the return of the Bluth family!

Written by Sierra McLaughlin, Reporter

October 11, 2011

"Arrested Development" was a sitcom created by Mitchell Hurwitz about the Bluths- a formerly wealthy and dysfunctional family. Since debuting in 2003, the show has won numerous awards and has attracted a cult following. During a recent “Bluth Family Reunion” on October 4, a party held for the...

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