The School News Site of Woodgrove High School

The Woodgrove Outlander

The School News Site of Woodgrove High School

The Woodgrove Outlander

The School News Site of Woodgrove High School

The Woodgrove Outlander

The School News Site of Woodgrove High School

The Woodgrove Outlander

East Palestine, Ohio, almost a year before the train derailment.

Ohio Gas Cloud

Written by Sarah Putorti March 17, 2023

After the derailment of a cargo train carrying hazardous materials on March 4 in East Palestine, Ohio, over 1,500 residents were forced to evacuate their homes due to a cloud of chemical gas hovering over...

Woodgrove’s testing set up in the 
auxiliary gym.

AP Test Prep

Written by John Hays March 10, 2023

With test season around the corner, students and teachers are preparing themselves for the excess stress, rigor, and fatigue they’ll inevitably experience. Students have to remember everything they have...

The Titanic’s 25th Anniversary

Written by Jillian Lewis March 10, 2023

On February 10th, the Titanic was re-released for its 25th anniversary and with it, a newfound curiosity from the public. New footage was released of the Titanic wreckage taken in 1986, opening up conversations...

The New Hot Spot in Loudoun

Written by Luke Jenkins March 10, 2023

On December 13th 2022 in the Dulles Eastern Plaza, there was a grand opening of the most anticipated place, Raising Cane’s. Raising Cane’s is a fast food restaurant founded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana...

Fuchs lined up across for his opponent, waiting to rush the quarterback.

Brayden Fuchs Comeback

Written by Maddie Shea and Mason Vacca February 16, 2023

Woodgrove Senior Brayden Fuchs faced many challenges throughout his final football season. Going into the 2022 season, Fuchs expected a breakout year for the team and himself. However, during the...

Ukrainian refugees huddle in a metro station during the Russian invasion of Kyiv.

Ukraine: Voices On the Inside

Written by Evan Kaiser and Abby Meedel February 16, 2023

It’s been nearly a year since Russia initially invaded Ukraine, and the havoc wreaked across the country means life will never be the same for its citizens. To many students at Woodgrove, the conflict...

The Crisis in Yemen

Written by Devin Adu-Osei, Sarah Putorti, and Ellia Mytsa February 16, 2023

The Republic of Yemen is a country in the Middle East desperately in need of support. Almost three quarters of the population are in need of humanitarian assistance. Violent conflict- Yemeni civil...

Come Watch Woodgrove Winter Sports!

Come Watch Woodgrove Winter Sports!

Written by Ali Eliott and Mason Vacca February 16, 2023

Winter sports are well underway, and the season is off to a great start. Every Woodgrove sporting event is packed full of action and needs your help. Throughout the season, our sports teams compete to...

Hill directs traffic while dribbling the ball.

The Truth About Travel Sports

Written by Ali Eliott and Maddie Shea February 16, 2023

One of the extracurricular options for children and young adults is travel sports. While there are positives with playing travel sports, there are downsides as well. Travel sports are difficult; 70 percent...

Governor Youngkin’s Policy 5055 Invites Major Changes to LCPS

Written by James Dougherty and Claire Davison February 16, 2023

The Loudoun County Public School Board has drafted Policy 5055 Parental Notice of Sexually Explicit Content, a bill signed by Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin in April of 2022. The policy will enforce...

Shocking Teacher High School Stories

Shocking Teacher High School Stories

Written by Teagan Russell and James Dougherty February 16, 2023

Wacky moments in school are often the things most fondly remembered by alumni for years to come. Woodgrove teachers have had their fair share of goofy moments during their time in high school. Their stories...

Paws vs. Claws

Written by Claire Hudak and Abby Meedel February 16, 2023

Are you a dog or cat person? Psychology plays a big role in discovering which pet works best for you. People who enjoy the company of dogs see themselves as the life of the party; they’re fun and have...

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