Deck the Halls with Boughs of Commercialism

As Christmas quickly approaches, Christian children throughout the world are anticipating Santa and the gifts he will bring with him. Although this tradition is a staple, many argue against the mixing of commercialism and Christmas.

At first, many people opposed the deep emphasis of Santa and gift-giving on the holiday. These expectations, they argue, deter people from the true meaning of Christmas, this being a Christian holiday known for the spreading of love and religion. This has changed somewhat in the past few years.

Jess Hutchinson, a senior, disagreed and said, “Christmas without presents isn’t Christmas.”

The Christmas market has expanded, targeting everyone heavily starting months in advance of the holiday. No matter what your beliefs, you can celebrate Christmas. But, the true definition of Christmas has changed. It is now a day dedicated to the spending of endless amounts of money for presents you may not need and decorations that will just be put away on December 26th. This materialism has seemed to suck the sacredness from it completely.

“I can understand how some people feel about it”, Katie Matousek, a freshmen said, “But we’ve gone too far for people to turn back now.”

Those opposed to this exploitation of corporations hope that one day; people will wake up and notice the superficiality and money they waste each year.