2013: A Year in Review

Written by Tim Murphy


As we move on to a new year, let’s take a look back at what 2013 had to offer us:


  • 7th- Alabama beats Notre Dame 42-14 in the BCS Championship game
  • 17th- Lance Armstrong appears on Oprah and confesses to doping. Armstrong used EPO and other supplements in all seven of his Tour de France victories.
  • 21st- President Obama was inaugurated for the second time in front of an estimated 800,000 people


  • 1st- Hillary Clinton steps down as the Secretary of State
  • 4th- King Richard III’s skeleton is believed to be found in Leicester, England
  • 11th- Pope Benedict XVI announces his resignation. He was the first pope to do so since Pope Gregory XII in 1415
  • 14th- Oscar Pistorius, the double amputee Olympiad, is charged with the murder of his girlfriend,  Reeva Steenkamp


  • 1st- Sequestrations takes affect when Congress failed to agree upon a budget
  • 5th- Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan President, dies at age 58
  • 13th- Pope Francis is elected the new pope of the Catholic church. He is the first pope from the Americas and the first non-European pope in over a millennium


  • 3rd- North Korea, in the midst of high tensions, blocked South Korean workers from crossing the border to the industrial park where many of them worked
  • 8th- Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of England from 1979-1990, dies at age 87
  • 15th- Two bombs explode at the 117th Annual Boston Marathon, killing five spectators and injuring over two hundred others
  • 24th- The Rana Plaza in Dhaka, Bangladesh, collapses, killing over 1100 people and injuring over 2000 more


  • 4th- Orb, ridden by Joel Rosario, wins the 139th Kentucky Derby
  • 6th- Amanda Berry, kidnapping victim of Ariel Castro, escapes from his house. Two other women are released from his home and Castro is later arrested
  • 20th- A tornado reaching nearly 300 mph touched down in Moore, Oklahoma, killing 23 people and injuring over 350 others


  • 6th- Edward Snowden releases classified information about the NSA surveillance programs
  • 21st- Snowden seeks asylum in Russia
  • 30th- Protests erupt in Egypt, pressuring President Mohamed Morsi to resign


  • 3rd- Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi is overthrown by a military coup
  • 13th- George Zimmerman is acquitted of killing 17 year-old Trayvon Austin
  • 22nd- Duchess Kate give birth to a baby boy
  • 23rd- Ryan Braun is suspended for the rest of the 2013 season by the MLB


  • 14th- Pro-Morsi supporters in Egypt are massacred by rebels, with a death toll mounting at 638
  • 21st- Gas attacks in Damascus, Syria kill over 1400 people, many of which are women and children. Many people blame the Assad Regime and President Obama threatens to send military strikes into Syria
  • 22nd- Former Patriot Aaron Hernandez is indicted for the murder of Odin Lloyd


  • 8th- Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams win the US Open
  • 16th- Aaron Alexis attacks workers at the DC Navy Yard, killing twelve people
  • 16th- The UN confirms that sarin was used in chemical weapon attacks near Damascus, Syria, that killed over 1000 people, many of them women and children
  • 21st- Somali militants attack Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, killing nearly 70 people and wounding 175 others


  • 1st- The US government shuts down over the inability to agree upon the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare
  • 15th- A 7.2 magnitude earthquake strikes the Philippines, killing over 100 people and displacing thousands
  • 16th- Congress agrees upon a budget plan for the US government valid through January 15, 2014, and raises the debt ceiling until February 7, 2014


  • 1st- Mohammed Morsi is put on trial for inciting the murder of Egyptian protesters
  • 5th- Terry McAuliffe is elected governor of Virginia
  • 8th- Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest storms ever recorded, hits the Philippines, killing thousands of people and wiping out entire villages
  • 24th- Iran agrees with the UN to scale back nuclear production and innovation


  • 1st- Protests in the Ukraine begin, in an effort to get President Viktor Yanukovich to step down from office
  • 5th- Nelson Mandela dies at age 95
  • 29th- A string of suicide bombings occur in Volgograd, Russia. These bombing raise concerns over the safety of participants in the Olympics, which will be held in Sochi, Russia, about 400 miles away from Volgograd