Gifts of the Decades


From Tinker Toys to Barbie and the iPhone, the perfect gift to receive during the holidays has definitely evolved. As the years progress it seems that the best toy to ask for is one that is electronic and costs more than just a few bucks. Here are the most popular gifts through the decades:

The famous Lincoln Logs made an appearance during the Roaring 20’s along with radio and Tinker Toys. Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toy s were popular among children, whereas the radio helped families get the news and stay in touch with current events.

Even in the midst of the Great Depression, people were still wishing for Holiday gifts such as the typewriter. These helped people connect with family during the rough times.

The 40’s welcomed in a time of sophistication. The gifts on everyone’s wish list reflected this. Most people wanted jewelry, pens, home freezers, and a suit and ties. Each of these proves to serve some kind of reasonable purpose.

Credit cards were first introduced during the year 1950, which opened up new spending options for many people. With it being a new invention, color TVs topped the wish lists. Also on the minds of many holiday shoppers were Hamilton watches, Polaroid land cameras, and Nash cars.

Children’s gifts were in high demand in this decade. Fun Etch a Sketches, GI Joe, and Barbies were at the top of the lists of children during the 1960’s. Some of these gifts continue to be popular today.

Polaroid cameras became popular in the 1970’s, and the new Polaroid Pronto topped holiday gift lists. Along with the fancy camera was the new video game Pong, and board game Connect Four.

The infamous Rubik’s Cube first mesmerized people in the 80’s, causing many to want one for their own. Also, My Little Pony and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were top toys. Both brands sold have increased their franchise and expanded into TV shows and movies of today.

The Power Rangers, Tamagotchis, Furby, and Pokémon were all wanted by children of the 90’s. The Power Rangers and Pokémon both offered TV entertainment that helped support sales.

IPod touches and the Nintendo Wii, PlayStations, and Xbox introduced the new era of electronic gifts. These gifts offered a greater entertainment and fun for all ages.

This decade’s wish lists consist mainly of cell phones, tablets, and game consoles, which reflects back to the 2000’s wish lists without much of a change, except in the advancement of technology.