Are You Really Getting Your Bang for Your Buck?

Are You Really Getting Your Bang for Your Buck?

Written by Ellie Mumaw

The wonderful aroma of coffee in the air and a warm cup in your hand is always a great start to the day. It’s no lie; everyone knows about the coffee craze that’s going on right now, but I bet you don’t know if you’re truly getting your bang for your buck.


The two common coffee shops in Purcellville, Virginia, are the ever so popular Starbucks and “Loudoun’s living room,” also known as Market Street Coffee. Both are great places, but have you ever thought to compare the two?


For all you early birds out there, Starbucks is the place to go. They’re open daily from five in the morning to nine or ten at night depending on the day. Along with opening early, the Starbucks in Purcellville has a drive through, making life a little easier by giving people a few extra minutes to sleep in. Although Starbucks opens earlier and has a drive through, Market Street Coffee only opens an hour and a half later at six thirty, still allowing you plenty of time to run in and grab a cup of coffee before your school or work day.


Freshman Sophie Carver said, “If I’m ever running a few minutes late I just go to the drive through at Starbucks, because they make the drinks quicker and they still taste good.”


If you ever find yourself on a day that isn’t busy, Market Street Coffee has a great casual environment. Freshman Julia Puffenburger is a regular at Market Street Coffee, and she said “Market Street is such a welcoming place because of its overall nice atmosphere. I also like it because the drinks taste great and the people there are so nice.”


Both shops have a variety of drinks ranging from hot freshly brewed coffees, to frappuccions, espressos, lattes, or iced coffee. In addition to coffees, the two shops also have freshly prepared pastries. Freshman Ella Erickson has her own opinion on the two shops.


Erickson said, “I like Market Street Coffee better than Starbucks although it is a close call, but I feel like Market Street Coffee is so much more personal. You get good coffee and the place is cute. Along with that, the people are very nice, and you definitely get what you pay for!”


Now for the really import stuff: prices. When comparing a venti, also known as a large, white chocolate mocha, Market Street had the lower price of $5.38 while Starbuck’s was a few cents more at $5.44. You may be thinking, “Oh, it’s just a few cents,” but every penny counts. Market Street also gives out little cards and every time you get a drink, the server punches a hole in the card. Once a customer reaches ten hole punches, they’re rewarded with a free coffee. With Starbucks, there’s a whole other system where you can sign up to become a member and reach different levels to receive free drinks.


All in all, both coffee shops provide great coffee; it just depends on your schedule and how much money you’re willing to spend on a cup of coffee. Starbucks is great for working around a schedule where as Market Street Coffee is great to have a sit down coffee and enjoy time with friends.