Go Wild or Go Home



It’s the beginning of Woodgrove’s weekly Friday night football game, and the fans have filled the stands. The smell of hamburgers and hot dogs fill the air as the kickoff starts the game. Suddenly, there is a roar from a certain part of the crowd: The Woodgrove Wild.

The Woodgrove Wild is where the students can cheer on the football team together while sporting different themes every week. The tradition of ‘The Wild’ has a bigger effect than the students may realize; it sets the stage for the cheerleaders and the football players to perform at their best.

The football players feed off the energy given off by the crowd. Johann Wunder, a sophomore on the varsity team said, “When the team is playing well, ‘The Wild’ gets us all hyped up. We get a good feeling when everyone is cheering us on. When we are feeling down, ‘The Wild’ brings the team back on our feet.”

Cheerleaders love the help in getting the team and fans excited to watch and play in the game. Katie Pasielski, a sophomore on the varsity cheer squad said, “When ‘The Wild’ cheers with the cheerleaders that gets us more excited because people want to cheer along.”

It’s not only the cheers that are encouraging the team to do their best. Junior, and kicker for the team Cameron Gieseman said, “’The Wild’ makes not just me, but the whole team get hype. I feel like I need to do better for the Wild when everyone is holding up the “W” before I kick.”

Players of all ages on the varsity team are supported by the Woodgrove Wild. Ben Castellano, a freshman on the team said, “I felt really proud of myself when ‘The Wild’ was chanting, ‘He’s a freshman’ after I scored a touchdown at the Woodgrove vs. Loudoun County game.”

From cheering with the cheerleaders to chanting names of football players, the Woodgrove Wild has something going for them; school spirit.