Destiny: The Taken King

The Taken King is Bungie’s third expansion to the game, Destiny. Ever since its release on September 15, players have been indulging in the new features the game has to offer. The Taken King includes an increase in level cap to 40 with  an all new light level system, an additional subclass for each character type, a new storyline, numerous quests, a new explorable location on Saturn called the Dreadnaught, a new raid with new enemies, and several subtle fixes to the reward, weapon, and armor system. For this review, we will cover the brand new activities on the Dreadnaught and the new raid, King’s Fall.


The Dreadnaught/Court of Oryx

The Dreadnaught is the new playable area inside the Taken King expansion and with it brings new patrol missions and a new co-operative activity called the Court of Oryx. The Court of Oryx is a way for fellow guardians to work together defeating random bosses, which all have their own unique mechanics, in order to receive high level loot. This gives players an alternative to doing strikes or raids to get some of the highest quality gear. In order participate in this new activity players have to find new materials called runes, which can be found by completing quests and other activities on the Dreadnaught. Lower level activities require easier to obtain runes and higher level runes are much harder to receive.


King’s Fall Raid

Along with Destiny’s year two expansion The Taken King came another raid, King’s Fall. In the raid, your fireteam is pitted against Oryx, the Taken King himself. Guardians had previously thought they had vanquished Oryx once and for all, but then he surprisingly makes himself part of the Taken and disappears into thin air. Your job is to, once again, destroy is to Oryx.


Once a player has gathered a recommended fireteam of six guardians, the destination is now set for the dark and desolate insides of the Dreadnaught to find Oryx. The fireteam will find themselves starting off in the Court of Oryx with one job; to collect relics and place them into corresponding statues. However, be wary of transparent walls on the left and right sides of the court; guardians must shoot these to dissipate them. Once all relics are gathered a portal will open indicating the fireteam to travel through it.


The group will find themselves in a corridor that leads to a large group of husk ships traveling in mismatched ways. Nothing but a dark chasm is below, so the only option is to jump and meander across the groups of ships to find a path to the other side. Once to the other side, guardians must step on to two parallel plates to allow their teammates safe passage to the other side of another chasm. Once they are over, they must now step on to two parallel plates to allow the remaining two players passage. Then, they must now travel up a “chute” to the glyph room.


The players now need to power up a door for the next boss, the Warpriest, to allow them passage to him. Two groups of three will need to be on each side of the main door, with one person on each side starting off on the middle plate. Guardians will now need to switch off with whoever has the Deathsinger’s Power on the middle plate, but only once the guardian on the middle plate has stayed on it long enough to clear their Deathsinger’s Power. A constant rotation of this will be necessary to power the glyphs to gain access to the other side of the large door.


The Warpriest is the first boss in this new raid, and he can only be killed by acquiring an aura around a player through the activation of three separate plates; however, they must step on these plates in a certain order of which can only be indicated by looking at the back of each stone in front of each plate. For these stones to indicate the order of the plates, guardians must kill separate hive and taken knights. Collect the buff, gather behind a plate with a stone, and kill the Warpriest by repeating the process.


After the Warpriest, there is a maze that the fireteam will have to navigate. The order of the turns is right, left, then right again. Guardians will then end up in front of another large door. Pass through this to end up in Golgoroth’s pit.


To destroy Golgoroth, players will need to collect a buff only given by orbs on the ceiling being popped open on the ground beneath Golgoroth. However, players will need to grab his gaze so the people stepping into the buff don’t die. Poisonous orbs will be shot at the gaze grabber, so be wary guardians. Repeat this process and you will move onto the second jumping section of the raid, which is very straightforward. Progress through the ledges and guardians will end up in a circular room. Jump onto the rocks and go up to the door above.


The Daughters of Oryx are the next bosses the fireteam will face. Four plates will be in each corner of the room. A relic will spawn above one of these plates. The guardian that is torn between dimensions will jump onto the next counterclockwise plate from the relic. Platforms will then spawn that that player will need to jump onto to collect the relic. Once that player acquires the relic, attach it to the sleeping deathsinger. Collect in a group, then end the deathsinger. Repeat this process for the second one.


Guardians will now be faced with defeating Oryx. Mechanics for this part of the raid are too complicated to say in text, so a video online will be needed to explain it. Once guardians see the mechanics, Oryx will now be able to be killed.


For the harder version of Oryx set at 310 light, certain mechanics change during the raid. At Golgoroth, a player that steps into the buff will get a timed notification. Step out of the buff onto the above platforms to avoid destroying your fellow guardians. At Oryx, after destroying the four ogres, knights will spawn diagonally to where they were destroyed.


Oryx is now vanquished, but the Vanguard at the Tower will tell guardians their job is not yet finished in the destruction of the Darkness.