Thanksgiving DIY Decorating Tips

The final decorated pinecones
The final decorated pinecones

Whether you’re decorating on a budget, or planning an elegant Thanksgiving feast, these DIY’s will bring a twist to your typical decorations.


Glitzy Pumpkins

Need: artificial pumpkins, spraypaint in the color of your choice

  1. Place the pumpkins out on an old newspaper
  2. Shake the spray paint
  3. Spray all the way around the pumpkins, covering it from the bottom to the top


Fall Leaf Mantel Piece

Need: artificial leafs, glue, glitter of your choice, hole puncher, ribbon of you choice

  1. Paint glue all over the front of a leaf
  2. Sprinkle glitter evenly over the leaf
  3. Let dry
  4. Punch a hole in the top of the leaf
  5. Put ribbon through the hole
  6. Tie to fireplace mantle, location of your desire


Pine cones Centerpieces

Need: Pine cones, spray paint color of your choice

  1. Put down old newspaper
  2. Shake spray paint
  3. Hold the pine cone up right by the tip
  4. Spray Paint the all of the pinecone by moving the spray paint can
  5. Let the pine cones dry
  6. Put pine cones in a bowl or nice display


Mantel Decoration DIY
Mantel Decoration DIY
The final glitz pumpkins
The final glitz pumpkins