Woodgrove Students Shine on Social Media


Many students post on their social media accounts multiple times a day, but only a few, such as Woodgrove student Kaziah Korpacz and alumni August Erickson, have been able to achieve the stardom. These social media sensations started at a young age and even reap professional and financial benefits.
By the age of 13, Woodgrove sophomore Kaziah Korpacz was on her way to social media stardom. Through networking with people online and giving them shout-outs everyday in exchange for shoutouts on Instagram, Korpacz hit 56,000 followers within a year. Today Korpacz has over 104,000 followers on Instagram, 7,070 subscribers on YouTube, and 13,000 fans on YouNow.

Korpacz posts selfies and “tumblr-like” pictures twice a day on Instagram in order to maintain her current follower count and to gain even more followers. Along with her fame, multiple followers have created fan accounts, and she has developed many online friends.
Despite being a social media star, Korpacz takes time to let the creators of the fan accounts know that she cares.
“It’s nice. I always try to DM (direct message) them and try to talk to them so I feel like I know them personally.”
However, as a word of advice, she warns, “There are so many people who just use you and try to use you to get shout-outs and all that, so you have to be careful.”

Noticing Korpacz’s high follower count, business clinets including UNO, Fresh Tops, and Fashion Nova have asked her to promote their companies. Fashion companies send Korpacz free clothing to spotlight on her Instagram. Currently, Korpacz is working on a campaign with UNO for a new app that will be released later next year.
Although Korpacz has gained new friends, endless support and several business deals, she also has to deal with hateful people online.

“You get a lot of hate, especially for no reason, but you get used to it and you realize that you can do whatever you want, but no matter what you are going to get judged for it.”

Woodgrove 2013 graduate and social media expert August Erickson, jokes that he got his start due to his good looks.

“I had the Justin Bieber haircut when Justin was really famous and a ton of middle school girls started following my social media outlets.”
As a high schooler with a high follower count, he began reaching out to businesses, offering to run their social media accounts in order to make a name for himself. After a while, companies began to contact him first. This, combined with small businesses noticing his success and offering him free products in exchange for shout-outs, now make him an extremely successful social media strategist. His twitter account (@TheStudLife) has the most followers out of all his social media accounts at 12,000, but he hasn’t tweeted on this account since high school. Though his social media outlets have primarily become places for him to promote the companies he works for, he likes to post original GoPro footage as well.

At this point in his life, as a college student at James Madison University, Erickson is primarily managing over 15 different accounts for various companies.

“My work in the field of social media marketing has allowed me to consistently travel and has been a solid source of income since I’ve been in college.”
His advice to keep the follower count up? “Consistently provide new content,” and personally, “the fact that I’m only getting better looking as I age doesn’t hurt either,” claims Erickson.