Spring into Natural Cleaning

Written by Karmen Alexander and Andrea Zabkowski

Spring is the time to leave behind the winter blues and mark a fresh, new start. Revive your home by taking the initiative to get rid of the old, and opt for a more natural, healthy form of spring cleaning.

All Purpose Cleaner:

Vinegar is known to be a great cleaner for many surfaces, and combined with a citrusy scent, it is an easy way to spruce up the entire house.

Step One: Remove the inside of a lemon and cut the leftover peels into quarters.
Step Two: Place the peels in a cup of all natural white vinegar and allow it to sit for two weeks.
Step Three: Strain out the peels and use with a washcloth on almost any surfaces, such as kitchen counters, sinks, and wood furniture.

Bathtub Cleaner:

This easy and gentle powdered cleaner is great for cutting through the grease and grime of bathtubs and showers.

Step One: Pour 1 cup baking soda, ½ cup salt (not iodized), ½ cup washing soda, 5 drops lemon essential oil for scent into a jar or bowl.
Step Two: Mix ingredients thoroughly.
Step Three: Lightly wet surface with water or white vinegar.
Step Four: Sprinkle powder over area and let sit for five minutes.
Step Five: Scrub with a sturdy brush until clean.
Step Six: Rise and enjoy.


Carpet Stain Remover:

If your carpets are covered in stains from food or pets this quick and easy organic cleaner is a great option. Though this cleaner is great for removing organic stains such as food or dirt, it can make inorganic stains, like ink or dye stains, worse.

Step One: Mix one part vinegar and two parts water in a spray bottle.
Step Two: Spray stained area and cover with a damp rag.
Step Three: Steam rug with an iron for about 30 seconds.
Step Four: Repeat if necessary.


Microwave Cleaner:

For microwaves that are smelly and coated in grease and grime, this simple lemon cleaner will leave the microwave sparkling clean and smelling fresh.

Step One: Boil 2 cups of water, lemon juice, and 2 lemon peels in a microwave .
Step Two: Let stand in microwave for 10 minutes.
Step Three: Go over with soap and water to finish.