Ten Tips for Surviving High School


It’s that time of year when 8th graders are starting to visit high schools and to prepare for the next phase of their education. High school can seem a little daunting, or maybe even terrifying, but fortunately, you can get a plethora of advice from current high school students before the first day.  Here are ten tips to help survive high school.


  1. To begin, high school isn’t at all like what you see on TV. So, unfortunately, there’s no musical numbers or sporadic dancing. Unless you join Drama, that is. Your High School Musical dreams will be forever crushed.
  2. Most people believe that high school is filled with mean upperclassmen who shove freshman into lockers and toilets, but that’s not the case. In fact, freshman aren’t bothered at all; everyone just minds their own business. Unless you’re canoodling in the hallways. Don’t ever do that in front of people. Teachers aren’t actually evil either. They just want you to do your best.
  3. Another important piece of information is to make sure you get to class on time. Some teachers are lenient, but it’s not wise to test that theory. Just make sure you get to class before the teacher starts on the lesson. Otherwise, you’re bound for a tardy pass and the walk of shame.
  4. Don’t skip school either, because you’ll have lots of homework and notes to do when you get back. Also, teachers will not pull you aside and remind you to study or copy notes. Sometimes they’ll put the notes and handouts up online, but if not, your best bet is to get the info from a classmate – it’s your responsibility.
  5. Join one of your school’s extracurricular activities. There’s plenty of sports, clubs, and groups to become part of. If you’re passionate about a topic that’s not in a club, you can create one yourself. Not only does a club engage you at school, but it also looks great on college applications.
  6. Sports are always a great way to make new friends and blow off some steam, and they can even get you scholarships or letters. However, make sure you can juggle your academic life with your extracurriculars. Remember, school work always comes first.
  7. Friends: You may already have a lot from middle school, or you may be a new student from another area. Whatever the situation, you can always make more. Try to at least get along with people, because they could be your lab partner for the rest of the year. No matter what your interests are, there will always be someone you can relate to.
  8. Now that you’re in high school, you will soon gain the freedom to drive. However, just because you can arrive at school on your own time, doesn’t mean you should take advantage of arriving later. You risk losing a parking spot and being tardy. That means if you’re going to grab breakfast before school, go early. If you do end up arriving late, remember that everyone has to pay for their own parking space, so don’t steal someone else’s.
  9. Use FLEX time wisely. If you have a crazy busy schedule before and after school, utilizing your FLEX time is the best thing for you. Just because you see all your friends goofing around during that period, doesn’t mean you should join them. Study hall is an excellent time to make up tests, get tutored, do homework, and study.
  10. Remember to try to relax and have fun. High school is a stressful time, but you can always find something to smile about. As long as you balance school work with your social life, you’re golden.