Social Media Inspired Baby Names


It is now 2016 and social media is changing our lives in more ways than we know. Social Media helps to connect people or it can be classified as a distraction; but has the thought of people naming their children after things from the internet ever crossed your mind?


There are currently 300 million active users on Instagram, and people are constantly sharing their pictures. When posting a picture, there are many options of filters to choose from that enhance your picture. You would think that these filters are only used for pictures, but according to recent research done by Time Magazine and Vanity Fair, there has been an increase in baby names that share the same names as the filters.


The filter names consist of Clarendon, Gingham, Moon, Lark, Reyes, Juno, Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden, Perpetua, Amaro, Mayfair, Rise, Hudson, Valencia, X-Pro II, Sierra, Willow, Lo-Fi, Inkwell, Hefe, and Nashville. Although some of these names may seem out of the ordinary, a good number of these have had increasing percentages. Lux, a past filter, had an increase of 75%, Ludwig 42%, Juno 30%, Amaro 26%, Valencia 26%, Willow 13%, Reyes 10%, and Kelvin 3%.


Here at Woodgrove, there are three people who happen to have the same name as one of the filters. Since these students were born years before Instagram surfaced, there is no chance of them intentionally being named after the filter. These students are sophomore, Sierra Woodward, sophomore Hudson Vetter, and junior, Willow Hughes.

When asked if Hughes knew that her name was an Instagram filter, she said, “Yes. When Instagram updated the filters, I saw my name on one and thought it was pretty cool. I love it too! It’s black and white. I wouldn’t necessarily name my child after a filter because it’s an Instagram filter, but for instance I love the name Valencia, not because it’s a filter, but because it’s a cool name!”


Not only are people using the social media filters from Instagram, but they are using different internet terms as well. An American girl was named Hashtag, a Swedish boy named Google, an Egyptian named Facebook, and an Israeli girl named Like. The parents say that they chose the names because of their “uniqueness”. The internet and social media has influenced parents from all over the world to name their children after a term or a filter. How would you feel being named something along the lines of “Like” or “Facebook”, or would you ever name your kid an Instagram filter?