Affordable Summer Beach Vacation Destinations


Written by Keagen Lanham

Finding enough money to go on a nice beach can be tough.  Figuring what you’re going to do for the next two and a half months while school is out can be difficult as well.  There’s a solution to your problems!  Grab a friend and plan to visit these cheap and clean waters for a week during your summer!


Virginia Beach, VA

In 2011, Virginia Beach was nominated 12th cleanest beaches on the eastern coast by the National Resources Defense Council.  According to Expedia, Magnuson Hotel in Virginia Beach is only $147 a night for two.  The hotel had three out of five stars on Expedia.  If you go down I-95 South and I-64 East, without traffic, it would take around three hours and 40 minutes from Purcellville to Virginia Beach.  The trip would be about 238 miles from home, but the route does include tolls.  If it only takes around four hours to drive, you could possibly drive back home and not pay money for a hotel!  Since Virginia Beach is a popular destination (and the most populous city in Virginia), watch out for parking spaces and spaces on the beach.  Virginia Beach also provides its Virginia Beach Amusement Park.  According to the Virginia Beach website, admission is free, but tickets cost around a dollar and each ride requires four to six tickets.  Hours of the park are from 1P.M. to 1A.M. daily.


Rehoboth Beach, DE

Rehoboth Beach was called a “superstar” beach due to a five star review from the National Resources Defense Council in 2011.  The drive to Rehoboth Beach takes about three hours and ten minutes, not including traffic, conforming to Google Maps.  It’s 173 miles from Purcellville.  Be aware that the route will make you cough a couple dollars for tolls.  The Sea Esta Motel II in Rehoboth is $99 per night for two.   It has 3.9 stars out of five.   According to the NRDC in 2011, Rehoboth Beach was awarded a 5 star rating on water quality and had the best water quality in all 30 coastline states.  Funland in Rehoboth beach is an amusement park on the boardwalk that contains rides and games.  Tickets cost around $0.30, but each ride costs a certain amount of tickets, as stated in  The park opens at 1P.M., but the major rides open at 6 P.M.


Ocean City, MD

Ocean City has one of the cleanest waters in America according to the National Resources Defense Council in 2012.  Ocean City has few cheap hotels.  However, Expedia says that Flamingo Hotel charges $219 a night for two and has a three and a half star review.  If you take US-50 East, you can get to the beach in about three and a half hours without the traffic jams.  The beach is about 200 miles from Purcellville according to Google Maps.  The boardwalk runs along the beach as well, holdings shops, food stands, and activities.  There’s also an amusement park in Ocean City called Trimper’s Rides.  A wristband to ride unlimited rides costs $26 and single tickets cost $0.60.  Weekend hours are from 12 P.M. to closing, which can be past midnight.  Weekday hour openings are dependent on what type of ride.  Indoor rides open at 1 P.M. and outdoor rides open at 3 P.M.  They close both at closing.

Of course, these are not all of the cheap destinations for your summer.  All you need is a couple dollars to enjoy your summer.  You don’t need to be a millionaire in order to have a good time this summer!