Preparation for a Perfect Prom: PromWishes


Written by Kailyn Noble

The Junior Woman’s Club of Loudoun will be giving away free prom dresses, shoes, and jewelry on April 1 at the Teen Center Rust Library in an event called PromWishes in order to provide high schoolers cheap options for prom. Until March 25, they accepted donations at multiple locations in the Leesburg area for the event.

With high school proms coming up in the Leesburg area, juniors and seniors are scrambling to find the perfect dress. At Prom Wishes, teenagers can find a dress, shoes, jewelry– all of which will be free of charge. They can get a spa appoint, limousine service, and even dress alterations as well.  “Our event is about reaching out and helping teens be able to afford prom and make their prom a memorable event,” said the president of the Junior Women’s Club of Loudoun(JWCL) Shana Folk.  

The JWCL is an organization of women in the Leesburg area who want to make a difference in their community. A member of the JWCl, also the Prom Wishes Co-Chair Lacy Hurst said, “It’s amazing what a group of 30 women can do! We all have other commitments, but we are able to come together to make the time to do amazing work for our community.”  The JWCL have sponsored many events and fundraisers, but one of the most popular events is PromWishes.

“It’s really cool that they provide an opportunity for people to go to prom who wouldn’t have that opportunity without the program,”   said high school junior Caitlin Williams–who is planning the Woodgrove High School Prom. Prom Wishes gives all girls the opportunity to find the perfect prom dress without having to spend a fortune, making prom a less stressful and more memorable event.

“Prom Wishes is a very successful event! We collect hundreds of dresses each year and have over 100 young ladies that attend the event each year–most of whom go home with a dress and accessories,” said Shana Folk.  The JWCL get all dresses and other accessories from community members donations.  This year, Prom Wishes will also include refreshments for attendees, provided by Cookology, and music for the first time.

The JWCL hopes to continue this event for many more years to help the community. Shana Folk said, “The joy shared by the girls who receive free dresses, shoes, accessories, and door prizes courtesy of this event is evident through their smiles!  For each of these girls, Prom Wishes’ has made a difference in their lives; JWCL is proud to serve our community through this event!