Fast Food Stops To Visit This Summer


Photo by: Robert Kershner

Written by Robert Kershner

With summer right around the corner, students look forward to having free time, hanging out with friends, and walking around town.  With all that free time, teens are likely to work up an appetite.  Luckily, Purcellville offers multiple choices for fast food.

KFC, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Subway, and Chick-Fil-a are the go-to restaurants for most students, so let’s investigate further.

Chick-Fil-A is located in the Harris Teeter shopping center, Chick-Fil-A has about eight different choices on the menu. Their main menu item, the chicken sandwich, is $3.05 (including a side and drink), and the sandwich has 440 calories.

Freshman Kieran Redmond enjoys eating at Chick-Fil-A but finds their parking lot problematic. He says, “I love the taste of their chicken, but I hate their parking lot. Because Chick-Fil-A is in a shopping center, people enter near the Chick-Fil-A, so there are always cars blocking you.

Another option for fast food is the Taco Bell/KFC Combination next to the Inova Urgent Care Center on Hirst Road. Taco Bell offers over 20 main menu options. Taco Bell’s Grande meal consists of ten items. Customers can choose either a bean burrito, crunchy taco, or soft taco. The meal is $9.99 and has under 3,800 calories, depending on what you order.

Freshman Nicholas Osuna is a fan of Taco Bell and says, “I like the aesthetic of the restaurant. It’s not Mexican themed or American themed, but it has a modern blend of both cultures.”

Osuna also added that he loves some items, like their Quesadilla, but he does not like the tacos because “[they] always fall apart and sometimes even completely break once you sit down to eat.” Osuna likes the restaurant mostly because “It’s quick and easy and it’s open at convenient times.”

Sharing a building with Taco Bell is KFC. Kentucky Fried Chicken offers close to 20 different choices. Their 16 piece chicken bucket can include a selection of either legs, wings, breasts or thighs, and comes at $34.99 with 3,720 calories (Note: It is recommended that you share this bucket unless you are ridiculously hungry).

Most of KFC’s menu items are fried, but there are a few grilled items for people looking for a healthier option.

One of the most popular options for fast food in Purcellville is McDonald’s, which is located on Main Street. McDonald’s is the longest standing fast food restaurant in town, and it recently went through a major renovation and expansion. McDonald’s has over 14 main options with the Big Mac being their star attraction. The Big Mac is $6.59 (including fries and a drink) and ranges from 880-1140 calories.

Freshman Austin Jones says, “I like McDonald’s because they have decent food for decent prices. I do think they should try to have more healthy choices, though.”

The recent renovation to the local McDonald’s added more space and gave the space an overall new look. A second drive through line was also added to enhance the drive through experience.

Just a short walk away from McDonald’s is Subway on Maple Avenue. Subway has many different and unique possibilities, largely because customers can special order their sandwiches. They offer around 15 different selections of meats, not including their selections of salad or pizza (Yes, they have pizza). Their turkey breast sandwich costs $7.69 and is 560 calories. Of course, prices and calories can differ with individual orders.  Subway can be a healthier choice because people can customize their orders.

When hunger strikes while you are out on the town this summer, head over to one of Purcellville’s many fast food restaurants. The key to having a great summer vacation is to stay healthy and keep your pockets full of cash.