Homegrown Band Stays Hungry For Success


The Northern Virginia music scene has become increasingly vibrant over the years, and this is thanks in part to local alt-rock group, Hungry On Monday. The band was established in 2015 by Noah Poncin, Nathan Dahlman, and Aidan Bruecken. In 2016, bassist Michael Preston and keyboardist Ted Gallegos officially joined as well. Since then, they have released two EPs and have performed all around Northern Virginia and the D.C. Metro area.

Preston, Dahlman, and Poncin recently met with the Outlander on behalf of Hungry On Monday to discuss their journey so far and plans for the future, along with some more individual background on the three band members. With a band name like no other, Hungry On Monday has risen to fame through their edgy sound and accessible lyrics. The group has a wide range of influences ranging from John Mayer to Kendrick Lamar, which has given their music a unique twist that separates them from other groups. Dahlman describes this saying, “Before we all started actually together, everyone liked very different genres and went through different music phases so we are kind of like a big melting pot of everything that we have all ever liked.”

The group has traveled all over, but the venue they like to perform at most is local music spot, Tally Ho. Poncin says, “Tally Ho [in Leesburg] is definitely a favorite of ours, because it has a great sound system and it’s just a cool venue that a lot of had to be put in to reach where they are now. The group also acknowledges that sacrifices have been made in order to achieve their dreams, with Poncin saying, “There is no social life if you want a music life. You pretty much are going to get what you put into it. If you want to be a successful musician you’re going to have to give up a lot. You’ve got make a choice of how much it means to you and take it from there.”

To keep things moving forward, the band has had to make some adjustments to their social lives. Preston explains his experience saying, “For me it was re-balancing how much time I was giving to certain things. It’s a sacrifice for sure, but it’s definitely reassuring to see a positive outcome from it. And then you realize this isn’t for nothing.”

Even though they’ve had to give some things up, the group is grateful that they can share this experience together. Dahlman says, “It definitely helps that the Hungry On Monday boys are the best of friends; that’s like our social life.” Poncin adds, “It’s cool to be lucky enough to have our band be our best friends.”

To many, social media is a fun way to stay connected to others, but for the band it’s their most valuable tool, and how they’ve stayed on the music scene’s radar from the beginning. Preston explains, “It is so crucial and so over-looked. It’s a total make or break. I know in preparation for our latest EP we put in a lot of work shaping our accounts and just making everything more organized. We are a lot more serious about it, using it as a tool instead of something that just takes up time.”

Poncin tells of the benefits of social media saying,“We are so lucky to be doing this with, because we can now send a post out to thousands of people about where and when we are going to play.”

Hungry On Monday’s most popular social media account is Instagram, @hungryonmonday, with 2,597 followers. Instagram is a photo sharing app that allows you to post pictures and videos, with an option of a caption, to all of your followers. Their account features pictures of them together and or individually that are taken by Vera Thomas. Videos of the band performing, advertisements of upcoming gigs, new releases and more are also posted on their page.

The band has garnered an impressive fan base within the region and is looking to go even further. As of right now they have found that their music isn’t just being played locally, but at college campuses around Virginia too. Some of these include James Madison, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Virginia Tech.

Once Poncin and Dahlman graduate from Loudoun Valley High School this year, both of them and Gallegos will be joining Bruecken in Nashville to continue creating and performing their music together. Hungry on Monday is going their with faith that they will be accomplishing bigger and better things than they are now. They hope to start touring and create their own publishing company.

The five never stop working. Dahlman said, “We are working on writing new songs, and over the next six months to a year will be working on an album.” Poncin elaborates on the album, “we are going to re-record our first EP and the second EP and then put about six more songs on it.” So keep an eye out for the big future Hungry on Monday has planned.