Manchild Takes Over Loudoun County

Written by Adeline Furlow, Jenn Glazebrook, and Brittany Nelson

Senior Sam Lewis recently founded ‘Manchild,’ a skateboard and apparel company, as a way to make money doing something he loves. But Lewis isn’t working alone, alongside him are fellow boarders Michael Anderson and Trevor Robbins, who have been helping to expand his business through the use of social media. In a little under two months, @manchildsk8co has gained over 1000 followers on Instagram. He offers a wide range of items from sweatshirts to possibly boards in the future.

Since Lewis has started his business he has learned a lot, saying, “Stuff goes fast. You can’t listen to anyone in the beginning; you can’t listen to the haters. I’ve also learned there are rounds of social media following. You have your friends and their friends, but then you also have the people hating on Manchild, but they follow it when they see other people follow it.”

Lewis continues saying, “I’m a much better salesman over social media which I think is gonna bea new wave of selling stuff. I’ve been using Direct Message on Instagram to contact my customers.”

When creating a clothing brand or any company, typically a lot of time and thought goes into think- ing of the perfect name and logo. For Lewis, it came much easier than that.

“I was in school one day and I walked out of the bathroom, in the upstairs hallway, and it just came to my brain and I was like, that was it,” said Lewis. Lewis has plans for the future making more merchandise and apparel, saying, “The future’s gonna be good. We’re going to have boards coming soon but don’t worry, we’re still a clothing company at heart.”