Official Cappies Review of Woodgrove’s The Addams Family


Photo by: Rebecca Faletti

The Addams family is one of the most beloved and successful TV families in America, having been made into several movies, a TV show and a musical. Written by Andrew Lippa, the show was first performed in 2010 on Broadway.  Woodgrove High Schools rendition of this delightfully horrifying show dazzled the audience with its spectacular vocals, enchanting set and hysterically wonderful characters.

Woodgrove High School’s performing arts program put on a superb show with delightful characters. In particular Gomez Addams (Lukas D’Errico), the father of the Addams family, was astounding with his Spanish accent, well timed one liners and enjoyable vocals. Particularly in the numbers Trapped and Happy Sad. Gomez’s counterpart and wife Morticia (Carolina Kirkpatrick) was the sophisticated, enchanting mother of the Addams family and amazed all by her vocals and dance number’s in Tango de Amor and Just Around the Corner. The rapport between Morticia and Gomez was set in the first act and developed even further in the second act illustrating the intensity of their love.  Other characters had exceptional vocals and belting abilities such as Alice Beineke (Grace Harkins) in Waiting, and Wednesday Addams (Miranda Huffer) in Pulled. Several characters, such as Grandma Addams (Caroline Roden), Uncle Fester (Jonathon Wilkerson), and Puglsey Addams (Rachel Wilkinson) pulled at the hea
rtstrings of the audience with their hysterical demeanor, body language and total commitment to character even when they weren’t reciting lines.

The amount of work and preparation put into the show was easily seen through the grandeur of the set, costumes and makeup, and lighting. Caroline Roden’s construction and design of the set allowed for smooth transitions and a true glimpse into the life of the Addams Family with its dark, brooding colors and beautiful simplicity. Complementing the deathlike, haunted set were the costumes, designed by Lauren Bogle and Ellie Dillon, and the makeup, designed by Heather Peterson, Mackenzie Martin and Megan James. They assisted in the transport of the actors and actresses into their characters and very nearly resembled the original Addams family makeup, with their own modern twist. The lighting, designed by Tony Peyton and Joey Stitt, was exquisitely done, subtle enough to accompany the show without overpowering it.

Woodgrove put on a dazzling show by preserving the integrity of the script by not changing its original jokes and language, keeping the Addams Family Musical as it was meant to be seen.