Woodgrove Theater Frights and Delights with ‘‘The Addams Family”


Photo by: Rebecca Faletti

Written by Dominique Cruz, Rebecca Faletti, and Dillon Holdrigde

The Woodgrove Theatre department brings the Addams Family to life in their latest annual spring performance. The Addams Family, a ghoulish, yet comical musical directed by David Noland, renders an American family with an attraction for everything grotesque.

As the curtains separate, the audience is faced with a graveyard scene featuring both the Addamses and their ancestors in the opening number “When You’re an Addams.” The main plot of the show follows the relationship between Wednesday Addams, played by senior Miranda Huffer, and Lukas Beineke, played by senior Joey Harkins. However, the show in its entirety was a tale of love, deceitfulness, and the strengthening relationships between family members.

In regards to preparation for the musical senior Miranda Huffer said, “I worked really hard for it. I’ve practiced for the auditions since July, so I’ve been practicing for nearly half a year, so it was really nice to see my name up there and know that it was worth all the hard work.” Huffer wasn’t the only one taking initiative with their part, senior Jon Wilkerson shaved his head for the role of Uncle Fester.

“It’s the most in depth thing I’ve done for a show. At first I was a little uneasy about it and then came back the next Monday and decided that I was going to, because, why not, it’s my senior year.”

Along with all the excitement of the show comes the critiquing for the annual National Cappie Awards. The Cappies are a nationwide student critics program for high school theatre departments around the country. Woodgrove High School was visited by schools from around the region and critiqued by students on the performance of The Addams Family, which will be voted on and nominated for Cappie Awards in different categories. The Cappie Gala will take place at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. on June 10, and will be attended by nine Woodgrove students on the Cappie team.

The ghastly comedic musical brought the cast closer than ever before. Junior Lucas D’Errico shared, “We’re like a family. We all just work together to put something really beautiful up on the stage and it’s just some of the best people I know and probably will ever meet. This show, as well as my time here at Woodgrove High School, would never be the same if it wasn’t for them.”

The Addams family hit Broadway in April 2010, featuring Nathan Lane as Gomez and Bebe Neuwirth as Morticia. After seeing this musical on Broadway, David Noland, the theatre instructor, brought The Addams family to Woodgrove’s very own stage.

“I saw it on Broadway when it opened and I hated it. After going back and revisiting it, I liked it a lot more,” said Mr. Noland. This musical marked the 50th performance for the Woodgrove drama department.