Centers of Outreach Provide Assistance for Loudoun’s Less Fortunate

The Dulles South Food Pantry located north of Route 50 in
Dulles, Virginia.

Photo by Daniel Alvarez

The Dulles South Food Pantry located north of Route 50 in Dulles, Virginia.

Homelessness is a national epidemic, and is dealt with in many different ways. According to the Homelessness in Metropolitan Washington survey, 113 people experienced homelessness in Loudoun County at the end of 2017, a 15.6% increase from the previous year. Loudoun County continues to help its small, but rising homeless population by providing food and shelter to those in need, and by maintaining a large and versatile amount of charities and outreach organizations in every corner of the county. With the Holiday Season, the season of giving, rapidly approaching, more ways to leave a positive footprint on the local community are available, with these Loudoun County organizations open, willing, and able to provide relief.

Loudoun Hunger Relief:

Formerly Loudoun Interfaith Relief, the pantry has been a fixture in Loudoun County for 26 years, offering food assistance to the hungry and needy in the county through numerous volunteers, donations, and food drives. Standing alone as the area’s largest food bank, they work to provide those in need with food and other necessities. To support the organization, you can either donate non perishable food items or your time and money. To volunteer or contact Loudoun Hunger Relief, you can fill out a form at or call them at 703-7775911.

Mobile Hope:

Photo by Casey Abashian
The Mobile Hope Bus parked right off Sycolin Road in Leesburg,

Mobile Hope is a non-profit organization that aspires to help the precariously housed or homeless populous of Loudoun County under the age of 24 pave their path towards success and housing by providing them with support, goods, and services they don’t regularly have. This includes daily necessities, transportation, financial assistance, extensive case management, life skills, job training, and community service opportunities. Mobile Hope accepts donations and sponsorships. Sponsorship details can be found at

Tree of Life Ministries:

Tree of Life is a non-profit Christian Organization founded in 2012 with locations in Purcellville, Leesburg, and Winchester, Virginia. The Purcellville location offers a “Community Kitchen” every Thursday evening from 5:30 to 6:30 pm, with each volunteer offering to create parts of the meal to create a wholesome, filling dinner for families. Additionally, the group has English and life skill classes and housing programs. To reach Tree of Life Ministries, submit a form on their website at under the contact tab.

Dulles South Food Pantry:

Photo by Daniel Alvarez
The Dulles South Food Pantry located north of Route 50 in
Dulles, Virginia.

The Dulles South Food Pantry serves as a multi-faith food pantry nestled deep in Dulles, Virginia. The pantry prides themselves on working to mitigate hunger in Loudoun County by soliciting, collecting, and distributing food. The pantry is supported by multiple places of faith and other community organizations within the Dulles South area. The pantry requires a 60 minute training session to start, followed by signing up at to start volunteering. To contact, call 703-507-2795, or complete a form on their website at