How to Make The Most of Your Snow Day


Photo provided by Carissa Vergeres

Carissa Vergeres and Mia Cammarota pose in the snow.

Written by Carissa Vergeres

When the word gets out that a big snow storm is going to happen, you can almost hear the cries of joy from all the kids and teenagers everywhere. But what should one do when that collective joy starts to fade throughout the day with perfunctory snow angels and staring at screens. Well, you’re in luck, because for those days when you’re itching at an activity, here are suggestions of what to do during a snow day, in order to help you not lose your mind from boredom.

Invite some friends over to do a movie marathon. Yes, it may sound cliché, but some of the most fun nights come from just hanging out with friends and watching movies. The best way to make new friends, as well, is to hang out with them and get to know them, and this is a very good opportunity for that. During that movie marathon, you can make snacks for all of your friends such as chocolate covered popcorn and hot chocolate. This activity is also very entertaining and fun to do by yourself for those really bad storms when the roads are blocked, or if you have been waiting for some alone time. Whether it is with some friends and family, or just yourself, snuggling up with some blankets and watching those few movies you just can’t get around to watching is always an enjoyable time.

Photo provided by Carissa Vergeres
Carissa Vergeres and a friend have some Winter fun on their snow day.

Another activity to do, if you are sick of the screens and need a relaxing activity indoors, is a spa day! Boys, I’m talking to you too. This activity is for all people and for any age, because everyone needs a spa day once and awhile. In order to begin this spa day, you should gather all of the candles you have, and set them up in a calming area such as a bathtub. After this, you can make a plan for what you want to do during your spa day. There are many relaxing things to do at home such as taking a bath, listening to relaxing music, doing yoga, and drinking tea,

Believe it or not, baking different foods with friends and family or even by yourself can be fun. The first step is deciding on your food that you are making and setting out all of the ingredients for it. The best way to make any food, from my experience, is by looking up the recipe for it, and following that. Once you have the perfect recipe picked out, you can begin making your cuisine! A few ways to make this experience the best it can be is by adding some music! Blast your favorite music while cooking up this food and you will be singing along while using the spoon as a microphone in no time!

Lastly, you could always take advantage of this snow day. Gear up in a winter coat and go enjoy the snow that has provided you with this day off school! Snow ball fights with friends and family are very fun and can be a great source of exercise throughout the day. But if that’s not your thing, there is always many other activities you can do indoors, where the warmth is!