SCA Stays Busy Planning School Events

SCA members Charley Piercy and Ava Eckenrode host the Homecoming Pep Rally. Photo by Kildea McMahon

SCA members Charley Piercy and Ava Eckenrode host the Homecoming Pep Rally. Photo by Kildea McMahon

Written by Mia Cammarota, Carissa Vergeres, Kildea McMahon, and Charley Piercy


Every year big events are put together on behalf of the school, but what people may not know are the students behind it all. Homecoming, Woodgrove Idol, and pep rallies are all part of the Woodgrove High School experience. The Student Council Association (SCA) members spend countless hours planning and preparing to make these events a success.

On Tuesday mornings, the SCA meets to discuss weekly activities, plan fundraisers, and organize school events. Tiaras, sashes, decorations, and tickets need to be ordered, the pep rally has to be planned, and the school fashion show needs revamping. It’s much more than weekly meetings though, the time commitment for a fully involved member can be compared to a varsity sport.

“Homecoming especially takes a large amount of time just because it’s such a big event. I spend a lot of time on it… Probably an unhealthy amount because it can really take a toll on my mental health. I’m also a really busy person in general; I play sports, have a job, and take hard classes; sometimes it can be a little too much on my plate,” says Student Activities Director Charley Piercy.

Homecoming King and Queen; Jaylen Washington and Andrew Rishmawi. Photo by Lainey Lynch

This new school year brings a whole new Advisory Board to lead the Student Council. In regards to previous problems with lacking school spirit, the heads of council have brought new ideas to the table for this year. In the past, students could only nominate themselves for homecoming court via google classroom, but this year anyone’s name can be submitted. Anyone nominated by their peer is eligible to be voted for homecoming court. The voting for the Homecoming theme was held during Dentime where all students could participate. The overall consensus was for the theme was space.

When voting and making new changes, it’s almost all student-led. SCA Adviser Thomas Acquino describes his role in making decisions by explaining, “I would like to be more of a facilitator… That’s what I have going on this year, I spend a lot of time allowing the kids to make their own decisions… Sometimes I do have to step in and say maybe don’t do it this way. That doesn’t really happen too often… For this group of students I really don’t have to put my foot down for any particular reason.”

One of the first events put on by the SCA was a pep rally for the first football game. This event experienced some technical difficulties; the microphone stopped working, the football players didn’t do the tik tok dance they were taught, and there was no back up plan.

Senior Powderpuff team celebrating after their win against the Juniors. Photo by Karis Fletcher

Piercy says, “We’re supposed to have two practices before each pep rally, because we must have a script that’s planned out word for word. The football players ended up learning the dance 20 minutes before the pep rally… There were also games planned, but we couldn’t do them because the microphones were not working. It was chaotic and we had to cut it short.”

The SCA learned from these malfuctions and the Homecoming pep rally was a success. New improvements were made such as hiring a professional DJ and including more of the student body. Homecoming isn’t the only major event put on by SCA. Before and after the dance they are constantly working on new events for the entire student body.

To kick off school and football season the council promoted the Chick-fil-A spirit week. To get the word out, members made commercials for Wake Up Woodgrove and painted the Chick-fil-A windows. By the end of the week, Woodgrove had more supporters than Valley, so the school won $1,000. After Homecoming, some events to look forward to are Woodgrove Idol, pep rallies, and a staff game of musical chairs which is new this winter.