Written by Charley Piercy, Kayla Norsworthy, and Anna Cristofano

Halloween is quickly approaching, and a staple activity of the season is a movie marathon. Everyone remembers getting home after school, cozying up on the couch and turning on Disney Channel to see what Monstober had in store. Here is a rewind of our favorite Monstober movies, memories, go to snacks, and more. 

Woodgrove’s Top Disney Monstober Movies

  1. Halloweentown (114)
  2. Girl vs Monster (41)
  3. Tower of Terror (26)
  4. Invisible Sister (25)
  5. Twitches (19)
  6. Return to Halloweentown (18)
  7. Don’t Look Under the Bed (11)
  8. Halloweentown ll (11)
  9. Mom’s got a date with a vampire (6)
  10. Halloweentown High (6)
  11. The Scream Team (5)
  12. Phantom of the Megaplex (4)
  13. Twitches Too (4)

When asked what their favorite Monstober movie to watch was, Junior Mary Everett says, “Halloweentown was definitely my favorite Monstober movie, and still is. I remember having some friends over when I was younger, and we’d watch the first movie, then the second.” Sophomore Gianna Costanzo says, “My favorite movie is Girl vs. Monster. I remember my sister and I would watch the movies together, and it was a super fun tradition.” Sophomore Claire Davidson says, “My favorite monstober movie is Girl vs. Monster. I enjoyed watching it with friends and family.”

When asked if they had any favorite memories of watching Halloween movies, Senior Claire Giesman says, “One of my memories was always wanting to dress like the twins from Twitches and wanting to have magic powers.” Senior Hallie Dillon says, “I have tons of memories of watching the Monstober marathon every night of October.” Senior Abigail Sundberg says, “My mom loves Halloween, so it’s a big deal in my house. She used to have us sit down and watch the movies with our favorite snacks, white cheddar popcorn, Reese’s, and caramel apples. We would have mini marathons.”

When asked about their go-to movie marathon snack, Senior Emily Hudak says, “Pillsbury pumpkin and ghost sugar cookies. They are quick and easy to make and taste so good! I also usually get a pumpkin spice latte to go with them to be more festive.” Freshman Heidi Weir says, “My go-to movie snacks are definitely chips and salsa and chips and guacamole. Any type of dip and chips during a movie tastes good.” Senior Seth Thomason says, “When I’m watching a scary movie I like to eat peanut M&Ms and popcorn, and sometimes I like to mix them together.” This fall, get your favorite snack and update your Disney plus subscription for some spooky fun!