What is your Fall Aesthetic?

Written by Kylee Harrell, Kildea McMahon, and Charley Piercy

Pick a few of your favorite fall things, and we will match you with an aesthetic for the season!


What fall movie do you like the most?

a. The Conjuring

b. Slenderman

c. Halloween Town

d. My Babysitter’s A Vampire

e. Casper the Friendly Ghost


What is your favorite fall drink?

a. Iced macchiato 

b. Hot black coffee

c. Pumpkin spice chai latte

d. Apple cider

e. Iced coffee with almond milk


What is your favorite fall item?

a. Broomstick

b. Skeleton 

c. White pumpkin

d. Ghost

e. Autumn scented candle


What is your favorite fall activity?

a. Dressing up and hanging out with friends

b. Haunted House

c. Visiting a pumpkin patch

d. Making festive cookies

e. Carving pumpkins


What is your favorite fall dessert?

a. Peanut butter balls

b. Chocolate covered pretzels

c. Pumpkin muffins

d. Caramel apples

e. Apple pie


What is your favorite fall clothing item?

a. Leather jacket 

b. Doc Martens

c. Chunky sweater 

d. Flannels 

e. Fuzzy Socks


A. Chic Baddie 

  • As a chic baddie, you enjoy taking risks and being impulsive comes naturally. Although people enjoy your intrusive side, it can also come as a downfall when dealing with close and serious relationships. As a free rider, you strive for independence and find joy within yourself and who you are as a person.

B. SpOoKy/ grunge

  • As the grunge aesthetic, you don’t care about how others view your style. You see your style in an artistic sense and love earthy tones. This carefree lifestyle often makes people crave to be similar to you! Sometimes you may come off as arrogant because of your perceived lack of insecurities, but you often use your style to cover them up. 

C. Comfy & Cozy 

  • When the fall season comes around you enjoy enhancing your stylistic abilities through both fashion and comfort. You generally don’t care about looks and focus on the qualities each person has to offer. Although you don’t go out of your comfort zone very often when it comes to style you’re still very stylish.

D. Girl/guy Next Door 

  • You don’t enjoy the big party scene and like to be known as a mystery. You may not have a lot of friends, but you have a few that you are really close with. During fall, you love staying indoors, making cookies, and watching movies on the couch.

E. Vintage/Preppy

  • With a vintage fall aesthetic, you love sticking to the classics. You stay up to date with all of the current trends but don’t like going out of your comfort zone. Being away from people for too long makes you uncomfortable, so you tend to surround yourself with people you care about. 


Fall Aesthetic Fashion Inspo

Just took the quiz and discovered your fall aesthetic? Here are a few ideas on what to wear to help match that aesthetic, as well as a few Wolverines sharing their favorite fashion advice.

Chic Baddie

Junior Dakota Horseman, interviewed for Chic Baddie says,“If I’m going out somewhere in the fall, I’ll usually wear black leggings, a sweatshirt, and a flannel with some kind of tennis shoes. My favorite stores to shop at are American Eagle, Pacsun, ROMWE, and Hollister. My favorite fall colors to wear would definitely be red, black, and yellow. I usually wear a few necklaces; I always have on my moon necklace, and I layer it with other necklaces. I also always have on my string friendship bracelets that I make. Sometimes I wear Pura Vida bracelets, and if I’m going out, I wear some rings that match the other jewelry I’m wearing.”


Senior Ava Eckenrode says, “For me a typical fall outfit would be Dr Martens, an oversized sweatshirt, and ripped jeans. I like to shop at Forever 21 and an online store called Adika for all of my fall finds. My favorite fall colors to wear are black and like a burnt orange. I like to wear a lot of really chunky chains and rings, and sometimes I’ll wear hair scarves. I like really dark clothes because it matches my dark personality; I love horror movies and really scary things.”

Comfy & Cozy

Senior, Karis Fletcher says, “My favorite clothing items are my turtlenecks for layering under tees. I’m currently wearing a white turtleneck with red leggings, and it’s a relaxing and cute fit for school. My favorite fall colors are red, black, and cream. I got these ‘vintage Nikes’ that look a little like AF1’s, and I think I’ll wear them out. There’s a neon Nike font on top of the swoosh.”

Girl/Guy Next Door

Sophomore Brielle Schermerhorn says, “My typical fall outfit is slightly ripped jeans, solid sweater, vest, and cute ankle boots. My favorite places to shop at during fall are Altar’d State, Target, and Old Navy. My favorite fall colors to wear are navy blue, olive green, brown, and maroon. I like to accessorize with beanies, simple necklaces, cute over-the-shoulder purses, and belts.”


Senior Matt Cook says, “My typical fall outfit consists of Levi jeans, leather white Stan Smith shoes, and a flannel over a warm waffle shirt. My go-to place to get clothes is Urban Outfitters, and I don’t like most of their clothes, but there are some hidden gems here and there. I get my jeans from Levi. During fall and winter, I like to wear darker shades of clothes. I don’t like to wear anything too bright because that just puts off too much of a summer vibe. Also, I am ginger so if I wear anything too bright, I look like a walking glow stick. I don’t accessorize my aesthetic too much, but I do like to wear watches. It helps to compliment an outfit and overall has a more mature look to it.”