Festive Furry Friends

Written by Kylee Harrell , Kildea McMahon, and Charley Piercy

Although 2020 may have been the most challenging year of our lives, nothing can stop us from spreading holiday cheer this December! Our lovely pets have been stuck in the house with us since March, and some of us may have gotten a little too attached. With all this boredom and time on our hands, our pets have become a source of entertainment. Here are a few of our favorite furry friends dressed up in holiday attire to brighten up the year.

Emily Hudak (Emily Hudak)
Emily Hudak
Mr. Copley
Mrs. Wrenn
Mrs. Bartling
Bridget Lushina
Mr. Greening
Patrice Bortey
Patrice Bortey
Hope Farner
Mrs. Longerbeam
Ms. Field
Logan Johnson
Lainey Lynch
Anna Cristifano
Claire Davidson
Teah Sargent
Kayla Norsworthy
Kennedy Vacca
Mrs. Walker
Joey Cassella
Peyton Tarrant
Julia Murray
Sarah Holway
Sarah Holway