What Holiday Movie Are You?

Written by Kylee Harrell and Charley Piercy

Answer a few questions to find out which holiday movie you are. 


  1.  How would your friends describe you?

              a. Funny and playful

              b. Independent and moody   

              c. Quiet and shy 

              d. Mature and smart

              e. Imaginative and creative   

  1. Pick a dog to own.

              a. Beagle

              b. Dachshund 

              c. Golden Retriever

              d.Border Collie

              e. Husky

  1. Pick a holiday song to put on repeat.

              a. “Have A Holly Jolly Christmas” by Micheal Buble

              b. “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” by Jackson Five 

              c. “Up on the Housetop” by Gene Autry

              d. “Mistletoe” by Justin Beiber

              e. “White Christmas” by Micheal Buble

  1. Pick your favorite winter activity.

              a. Gingerbread house decorating

              b. Sledding in the snow

              c. Gift giving

              d. Decorating the tree

              e. Holiday train ride

  1. Pick your favorite holiday treat.

             a. Chocolate chip cookies

             b. Fruit cake

             c. Chocolate covered strawberries

            d. Peppermint bark

            e. Hot chocolate 




If you go mostly A’s you’re Elf

You tend to be very happy and outgoing when you are around loved ones. You can always make others laugh, even when you’re not trying. You generally enjoy going to the mall and shopping during the holidays. The best way for you to spread holiday cheer is by singing loud for all to hear. You enjoy a little extra syrup and candy canes with your breakfast and love everything sweet!


If you got mostly B’s you’re The Grinch:

While people tend to assume you’re a grouch, the holidays have a special place in your heart. Simple holiday activities get you smiling from ear to ear. You may not have a huge set of friends, but the ones you have, you keep close. During the holiday season you love giving more than receiving and know exactly what to get your friends and family for gifts. You may not seem to be a holiday fanatic, but singing along with everyone in WhoVille will guarantee to lift your spirits. 


If you got mostly C’s you’re Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer:

You might have a unique appearance or special feature, but that doesn’t make you any less approachable or desirable — people want to be like you! You’re a trendsetter! Your wit and charm make you desirable and enjoyable to be around. You tend to be a natural born leader and others can count on you to use your bright spirit to guide through the night. 


If you got mostly D’s you’re Home Alone:

You may consider yourself the man of the house, while in reality you accidentally missed your flight to go on a family vacation. You have a very creative mind, and you’re a great problem solver. When in a sticky situation, you are able to think fast and come up with a mischievous, yet beneficial, solution. You are a child at heart and a nice holiday light show always puts you in a festive spirit.    


If you got mostly E’s you’re Polar Express:

A little magic is the only thing  you need to get ready for the holiday season. You are a  huge dreamer and won’t let any non-believers let you down. You aren’t an open book, but between the lines you are known to be nice and sweet to everyone you meet. A lovely train ride is your favorite activity on a chilly winter night, and the night wouldn’t be complete without a cup of hot chocolate.