Players to Watch

Written by Anna Lockhart, Kayla Norsworthy, and Riley Castellano

 The long wait that many athletes had to endure during 2020 is finally coming to an end. On December 7th, Loudoun County high schools held competitive tryouts for winter sports. Although sports are bringing normality back during Covid-19, these new seasons will be anything but normal. Teams will go from loud, exciting crowds in 2019 to zero fans allowed in the games, leaving only the teams, coaches, and officials. The athletes will need to add one more piece of clothing to their game day outfits — masks. As new guidelines are set in place, athletes and coaches will endure a few changes, but nothing will affect the determination these student athletes have to get back to their game.

Boys Basketball


Photo Provided by Jack Dewey

Jack Dewey


“This year is really big for me and this program all together. I missed my whole junior season due to an ACL injury, so it’s really fueling me to come back this year better than I’ve been before.”


Girls Basketball

Photo Provided by Ashley Moriarty

Ashley Moriarty


“Although it isn’t the senior season I was expecting, I will play my heart out every time I step on the court, and I hope to push my teammates to do the same. Our team is already starting to play well together, so I am looking forward to an unforgettable season.”



Photo Provided by Meghan Dunster

Meghan Dunster


“I am so excited and beyond grateful to be able to compete with my team my senior year.”



Photo Provided by Joe Jovene

Joe Jovene


“Even though we can’t have any fans at our tournaments this year, the wrestling team is so excited to be able to compete, and we are going to work harder than ever.”


Girls Indoor Track

Photo Provided by Emily Garman

Emily Garman


“This season will definitely be different than the ones in the past, but I’m so excited to be back on the track doing what I love with my people.”


Boys Indoor Track

Photo Provided by Nolan Pettit

Nolan Pettit


“Although this year has been fairly chaotic, this year’s group of track athletes is ready to go. We’ve been working hard to prove that we can overcome obstacles.” 


Girls Swimming

Photo Provided by Ellee Pyle

Ellee Pyle


“At first, I wasn’t sure if we would be able to compete, but thanks to the hard work of our coaches and the cooperation of our swimmers, we are able to practice and compete safely. This year, we have a great group of athletes who are always working hard in practice and encouraging a supportive atmosphere like no other. I feel honored to be a part of such a special team and am looking forward to an amazing season with them!”


Boys Swimming

Photo Provided by Noah Acker

Noah Acker


“I’m really excited to be finally back in the water and to be competing with my team.”