Woodgrove Students Enjoy the Holidays with Santa over the Years

Written by Gianna Costanza, Meghan Dunster, and Kayla Norsworthy

Following Thanksgiving, the mall Santas take their thrones. He gets to hear about the toys all the kids want, and the moment is often captured in pictures that remind everyone of a simpler time.

When Woodgrove students think back to their childhood, they think of their holiday wish lists. They remember discovering gift ideas from catalogs, commercials, and friends, and then scribing letters to Santa in the North Pole. 

A favorite memory for many Woodgrove students is the popular toy of the year. This toy is in high demand and bought the most during the holiday season. The “toy of the year” has ranged from Bratz dolls in 2001, to Zhu Zhu Pets in 2009, and L.O.L surprise dolls in 2020. 

One of the most amazing things as a child is when old St. Nick finally brings that special gift.  “For years, I asked Santa for a gymnastics bar and a Barbie dream house,” said sophomore Emily Shrout. Her dream came true, and it was her most favorite gift that she ever received. 

For sophomore Maddie Shea, her gift list has evolved. “When I was little, probably whatever I saw that was cool in the Toys R Us catalog, I would always circle.” Like Shrout, the memory of getting the item at the top of her list takes the cake. Shea’s number one wish was her first trampoline. “It was so exciting because I had never had a trampoline before, and I finally got one!” 

The high-demand gifts may be difficult for Santa to get for everyone. Nevertheless, the happiness that comes from a child opening a wrapped gift from under the tree is a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Emily Shrout snuggles up to Santa for the holidays.
Madeline Shea and her sister Ellie Shea celebrated the holidays with a Santa picture.