Class of 2021 Making Their Mark

Written by Riley Castellano, Kennedy Vacca, and Anna Lockhart

 Despite Covid-19, the 2021 seniors at Woodgrove High School are leaving their mark. Seniors were offered the opportunity to paint a parking spot using their own supplies with a pre-approved inspiring quote or image on Monday, November 16th or Monday, November 23rd. The event reunited classmates and painted the asphalt with positivity.


“I always wore Life is Good t-shirts throughout high school, so I thought it would represent me in the parking spot.” Gretchen Nagle


Natalie painted something simple to represent her opinion of online learning. “I really enjoyed this activity since we missed a lot of the senior experiences in the beginning of the year.” Natalie Surma


Joey’s painting is a saying he and his friends used on a daily basis. “I enjoyed the painting experience so much due to seeing my classmates who I haven’t seen in quite some time, and just being at the school was nice. I would love to do similar activities like this; it was so fun!” Joey Cassella


Kolbee’s painting is her favorite Bible quote. “It’s a good reminder to be a role model of positivity for anyone who could be struggling.” Kolbee Wisniewski


David painted a flamingo with his two friends, Haley Frankovich and Elena Chamberlain. “We picked a more relaxed idea because of all the stress we’ve all been under and wanted to have some fun with the painting.” David Rivera-Lopez


Olivia and Grace Daniel painted a beach on their parking spot. “This painting correlates to our lives because it incorporates one of our experiences together, which was going to the beach.” Olivia Keelor


“I chose this painting because I wanted to create something a little different to make it stand out, just like my senior year.” Natalie Peed


Anna painted this with her friend, Avery Hallam. “This painting correlates to our life because we both wanted to use our painting spot to remind people to treat others with kindness, especially during these hard times. We also wanted to get as many seniors to put their hand print on our spot as possible, so everyone could feel like they were a part of it.” Anna Lippert


“I loved this experience, and it was so fun despite how long it took and not bringing enough paint. I got to see people I haven’t seen in awhile, and I thought that was really important.” Ashley Moriarty


“I chose my painting because I love the mountains and traveling to places of high altitude because I am able to ski there and enjoy life from a different perspective. Painting the parking spot was quite difficult, which kind of resembles the plight of our senior year. It was really hard getting the lines straight and making the colors opaque, and it was really hard adapting to this new way of school.” Ava Eckenrode