How Woodgrove Students Have Stayed in Shape


Written by Riley Castellano, Gretchen Nagle, and Rachel Schneeberg

Many home workout routines are just a click away with the wide variety of workout subscriptions and YouTube videos conveniently available from home. When isolation has people homebound, getting creative with personalized home workouts have become a necessity.

Due to the pandemic, all of the gyms were closed, so to stay in shape Woodgrove students resorted to the Internet to find the most effective workouts and influencers. Senior Delaney Bandy says, “When quarantine first happened, I started working out at home and I usually did different HIIT (High IntensityInterval Training) treadmill workouts, but when I didn’t feel like running I would just do Orange Theory workouts.” Bandy explains how online workout sources are easily available and fun to do with friends.

Some students varied home workouts with the gym. Woodgrove junior, Charlotte Catterton, describes, “On days I don’t go to the gym I usually follow a dumbbell only legs or arms routine, along with an abs routine that I find from one of the Instagram fitness influencers I follow. They post slides of workouts they do and in their caption they have the sets and reps for each workout. If I don’t do one of those, I find a yoga YouTube video to follow.” Catterton states that Instagram and Youtube play a big role in her workout tutorials. “My favorite workout influencer is either Kiley Miller or Mickaela Woodhouse because they both post equipment limited routines that I can do at my house, and some I even apply at the gym. I usually look at both of their accounts if I don’t have an idea of what to do for that day.”

Other students prefer the gym because of the equipment and their ability to focus better in that environment. A majority of students said they went to the gym once it reopened because their friends pushed them to do better in the gym. Senior John Keane says, “I prefer gym workouts because when I go to the gym, I see my friends and we workout together, which also encourages me to workout harder than I would at home.”

Overall, the pandemic has forced athletes to get creative.  Junior Harrison Graham states, “I used some workout equipment and some workouts I made myself to find new exercises to do. I would incorporate exercises together to make them more challenging as well.”

Whether one chooses to go to the gym or workout through the convenience of their home, influencers and social media platforms have changed the way workout routines are inspired today.