Schedule Making for the Upcoming School Year!


Written by Gianna Costanzo and Maddie Shea

The hope of  normalcy returns as students schedule for the next school year. Woodgrove offers a variety of classes that are not found at many other schools. There are also plenty of clubs and electives to choose from.

Woodgrove offers: Early Childhood, Public Speaking, Etymology, Teacher Cadet, Film Studies, Creative Writing, Arts, Musics, Languages, and more. “Public Speaking and Etymology are extremely beneficial. Public speaking skills are important in life, and Etymology greatly expanded my vocabulary which was helpful when writing research papers, and taking the SAT and ACT,” says  senior Student Council member, Charley Piercy. Piercy is a senior here at Woodgrove and has been involved with many clubs, classes, and activities throughout the school.

Piercy shares that the Student Council makes a huge impact when applying to colleges, “They understand the amount of dedication and hard work that club members put in. It also puts you a step above everyone else because you have a ton of leadership skills, which is important!”

 Students at Woodgrove took a survey regarding their favorite classes. Some of the top classes chosen were Research Biology, Early Childhood and English. Student Charlotte Hannis answers, “Going into my first year at Woodgrove, I knew for sure that I wanted to take Research Biology for my science course. I definitely recommend it for any incoming Freshmen who generally like the science courses!” 

According to the survey, one of the highest chosen electives was Early Childhood Development. Sophomore Emma Hooftallen says, “This has been my favorite class at Woodgrove because of the teacher Dr. Curtis and all of the creative things we get to do with the children at the preschool. It’s also nice being able to take classes that help me with my career goals.”

The English courses were shown a high amount of love as well. Stephanie Haak says, “My teacher is always super understanding, structures the lessons really well, everything is pretty organized and easy to follow, and I have the least trouble finding assignments in their class.”

These courses are the top choices from fellow Woodgrove students based on the survey.