What Vacation Destination are You?

Written by Kylee Harrell and Charley Piercy

After a long and snowy winter, spring break is right around the corner, and you NEED the perfect vacation destination. Answer these questions to find out where you are destined to stay this spring break!


Which weather related activity do you enjoy most?

          a. Taking your dog for a walk on a partly cloudy day

          b. Picnic in the sun

          c. Dancing in the rain

          d. Reading on a cloudy day

          e. Sledding in the snow


What style would you say you typically wear?

          a. High fashion

          b. Trendy 

          c. Preppy

          d. Street wear

          e. Cozy


What food do you prefer?

          a. Croissant

          b. Pineapple

          c. Ice Cream   

          d. Sushi

          e. Hot chocolate


What is your favorite dog breed?

          a. Poodle

          b. Great Dane 

          c. Dachshund

          d. Shih Tzu

          e. Husky


Which friend are you?

          a. Fashionista

          b. Chill friend 

          c. Artistic friend 

          d. Cool friend 

          e. Mom friend


What is your favorite subject in school?

          a. Math

          b. Psychology

          c. English

          d. Computer Science

          e. Science 



Mostly A’s Paris:

Bonjour! If you got mostly A’s, Paris is the vacation spot for you! With some cloudy days and fashionable clothing, you would fit in perfectly in Paris. While discovering Paris and its intricate beauties, your friends could find you at a local coffee shop eating a delicious croissant while taking in the busy city.  


Mostly B’s Maui:

If you got mostly B’s, then Maui is the perfect spot for you! With sunny skies and beautiful ocean views, Maui will help you relax. Your friends often find you chill and bright spirited to be around, so hanging out on the beach comes as no surprise. With a pineapple in one hand, sunglasses in the other, you can be found under the hot beaming sunshine in Maui. You’ll be singing ‘a hui hou’ (until we meet again) in hopes of your soon return!


Mostly C’s London: 

If you got mostly C’s, you belong in London! Your favorite days are rainy ones, especially in the city. You either keep to yourself, or you’re very outgoing. There is no inbetween, and you enjoy spending time on your own reading plenty of books. As a romantic at heart, you wish that you too will one day find a romance such as Hazel in The Fault in Our Stars. Your friends can find you in London’s local library reading a book on a rainy day in Monmouth Coffee Company.


Mostly D’s Tokyo: 

If you got mostly D’s, Tokyo is where you need to be! You live for pop culture and are the most up to date on all of the trends and gossip. Although Tokyo is known for its city-like scenery, it’s surprisingly easy to become lonely. Since you constantly are with people and are surrounded by drama, a getaway by yourself is paradise. Most people find Tokyo difficult to deal with, but for you it’s a dream come true to escape from drama and the real world! With neon-lit skyscrapers and museums full of history, art, and culture, Tokyo will feel like your ultimate happy place. 


Mostly E’s Glacier National Park:

If you got mostly E’s, you are destined to visit Glacier National Park! You are always up for an adventure. You love outdoor events and are a romantic at heart due to your love of nature and your views of the natural world. When you hang out with your friends, you are never on your phone. At Glacier National Park your friends will find you taking in the refreshing sun and feeling the cool breeze hit your face as you take in the intricate beauty of the scene. You are caring and observing toward your friends and family and have a kind heart. With plenty of activities such as camping, backpacking, and cycling, you will be able to cherish the little moments in life right in Montana.