Winter Sports Teams are Making the Cold a Little Bit Hotter

Written by Anna Lockhart and Kayla Norsworthy

The 2020-2021 winter sports season was like no other before; the seasons were undesirably shorter, stands were empty, and masks were mandatory. However dreadful the precautions put in place for COVID-19 seemed, it did not stop the determination for Woodgrove winter athletes to play the best they could. 

With the new struggles this unique season brought, the Woodgrove Varsity Girls Basketball team still managed to make it far into their season. The team received the title of district champions, but sadly lost in a tough game to Potomac Falls High School. Junior Ashley Steadman says, “I couldn’t be prouder of being district champs and playing as well as we did with the challenges we were faced against.” For this team, one of the biggest challenges during their season was not being able to bond outside of the gym. “Our team has always been big on team bonding and I think not being able to do all of that hurt us all a little bit,” said Steadman. 

Sports teams across the nation have had to handle the fact that if someone on one of the given sports teams were experiencing covid symptoms or been in contact with COVID-19, the whole team would have to quarantine for two weeks. This meant that the games that were missed due to quarantine, would not be rescheduled and would be canceled overall. While the girls basketball team had a successful tackle on the pandemic, only having to quarantine once, the men’s basketball team had a more difficult time. Senior Joey Casper says, “We had to quarantine 3 times, 2 during the season, which prohibited practices and a few games.” The team definitely had the worst end of COVID-19,and they “were never able to get into the groove,” said Casper. Though the Men’s Basketball team didn’t make it past the regular season, they acquired a new head coach and assistant coach, so the future couldn’t look brighter for their next season.

Junior Ashley Steadman dribbles past defenders in a masked up COVID-19 season. (Photo provided by Ashley Steadman.)


Men’s basketball team huddles before a big game (Photo taken by Katey Jackson)