Woodgrove Clubs Survive Quarantine


Senior Kaitlyn Brooks hand-delivering valentine carnations for a Lifting Lives fundraiser. Photo provided by Kaitlyn Brooks.

Written by Aidan Leahy and Megan Murphy

Clubs at Woodgrove have been struggling to find ways to stay engaged in our communities during the pandemic, but many clubs have found methods to continue reaching out and meeting their goals. 

One club that has been especially impacted by the pandemic is PEER. The students in this club went from interacting with and helping the kids at Mountain View, to staying at home making slideshows. Although they haven’t been able to do their usual activities, this has not stopped them from reaching out to the students and spreading positivity. Each month, PEER gets new initiatives, such as bullying and Black History Month, and they create slideshows for teachers to present during homeroom.

Senior Laura Schultejans comments on the role PEER plays within the school saying, “We have been able to coordinate better with homeroom teachers to present our slideshows during homeroom/Facetime because we have it everyday with online school, instead of only twice a week.”

A major struggle for many teachers and clubs is finding new ways to keep students entertained and paying attention while they are sitting behind their computer screens with their cameras off.

“We are able to get our message out easier, it’s just a matter of whether or not students are actually paying attention and listening while they’re at home, and no one is there to make them do anything,” says Schultejans. 

Another club at Woodgrove is Student Council Association (SCA). This club is arguably the backbone of our school. The members of SCA plan the majority of the school’s activities and fundraisers. Continuing to provide projects for the student body has been tough.

Senior Julia Murray provides input on the difficulties of online clubs, “This year, the biggest challenge we have faced was not being able to execute a lot of our biggest events that we plan each year like homecoming, dodgeball, or pep rallies. It is difficult to make a virtual event super appealing.”

The SCA has begun taking on a larger role on social media. As the pandemic has prohibited this club from advertising through posters and the morning announcements, the exceptional following on their Instagram page has allowed them to continue reaching the same audience throughout distance learning. 

“Social media has played a larger role, as far as club involvement goes, than ever. I would say it has been the greatest tool that has helped us keep pushing forward,” Murray says.

As a new addition to the list of clubs at Woodgrove, Lifting Lives has begun contributing to the fight for educational equality by hosting local fundraisers and advocating for their cause. While the effects of COVID-19 have created several complications in the current school year, Lifting Lives has managed to develop a stable group of participants. With club meetings being held frequently due to the state of distance learning, members are able to organize more resources to benefit those in need.

Senior Kaitlyn Brooks says, “We have benefited from doing school online because we are able to have a more flexible meeting schedule. While we were originally planning on meeting once a month, distance learning allows us to come together more often.”

Members within the club recently took part in a Valentine’s Day carnation sale to raise money for Uyghur Turkey refugees. In response to the healthcare guidelines provided by the state, students hand delivered the grams to each individual home in a safe manner. 

“Because of COVID-19, it was difficult to organize the best way to deliver the grams. Not all members could help contribute to the delivery process due to restrictions, which put more stress on those who could,” says Brooks. Luckily, the club was able to find a successful solution to their dilemma. 

Given the fact that nobody expected the 2020-2021 school year to result in a pandemic, clubs leaders and members have done an excellent job at continuing to progress through the circumstances. While individuals navigate through the remainder of the school year, some of the discovered benefits may become useful in the future years to come. Support these clubs by giving them a follow on Instagram! @woodgrovepeer @whscouncils @liftingliveswhs