The Woodgrove Outlander Says Goodbye to their Class of 2021 Staff

Written by Logan Johnson and Ainsleigh Shipp

As another school year comes to a close, the Woodgrove Outlander Newspaper staff recognizes their Class of 2021 seniors with a glimpse at their pasts and a peek at their futures.

Ryan Wright, class of 2021; her post-graduation plans include deferring a year of college for her record deal, then attending the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University in the fall semester of 2022. When asked what she misses most about her senior year, Wright says, “I missed having that closure of completing school, seeing my friends, and being able to have my last year of varsity volleyball.”

Lainey Lynch, class of 2021; “One of the things I missed the most about the school time we lost was being able to see everyone all the time. I will miss everyone from school and am so disappointed I had to miss out on so much time with everyone,” says Lynch. Her post-graduation plan is to go to Virginia Western Community College in the fall of 2021.

Meghan Dunster, class of 2021; regarding the impact of COVID-19 on her senior year, Dunster says, “I miss the school spirit at football games and pep rallies!” After graduating, Meghan plans on attending Frostburg State University next fall.

Charley Piercy, class of 2021; her post-graduation plans are to attend college at the University of Alabama in the fall. ¨I miss all of the little things that we would have gotten to do as seniors activities like Senior Skip Day, Senior vs. Staff Basketball and Volleyball game, Senior Breakfast on PSAT day, Senior Prank, and other events. It also stinks that we weren’t able to finish our public school journey with our Senior class altogether.¨

Emma Tetreault, class of 2021; after graduation, Tetreault plans on attending college at James Madison University, where she will be studying marketing. ¨I mostly miss all of the traditional events that we looked forward to in previous years and also seeing my friends every day.¨

Kayla Norsworthy, class of 2021; Norsworthy is still undecided on where she plans to attend college, and the thing she misses most about a normal high school year is pep rallies.

Annie Gilbert, class of 2021; she plans on attending the University of Colorado Boulder following high school. Gilbert says, “I miss having the opportunity to actually feel like a senior in school like the classes before us had.”

Anna Lockhart, class of 2021, plans on attending college after graduation.

Aidan Leahy, Class of 2021; post-graduation, Leahy plans to attend Virginia Commonwealth University in the fall. When asked what he misses most about not having a normal senior year, he says, ¨The thing I miss the most is being able to see my friends and making memories.¨

Ryan Wilkinson, class of 2021, plans on attending Elon University in the fall. Wilkinson says he misses seeing his classmates every day.

Kennedy Vacca, class of 2021, plans on attending the University of South Carolina and participating in their nursing program. Vacca says, ¨I miss seeing my classmates every day and wish we could have spent our last year together.¨

Carissa Vergeres, class of 2021, plans on attending a four-year college studying biology on a pre-med track. When asked what she misses most she says, ¨I missed seeing everyone every day. It brought me so much joy to be surrounded by my peers and spend time with them, so I was sad that we didn’t that opportunity this year.¨

Mia Cammarota, class of 2021, plans on attending the University of St Andrews (a 4-year university in Scotland). Cammarota says, ¨I mostly missed seeing everyone, especially the people I would normally interact with in class.”

Kildea McMahon, class of 2021, will be attending James Madison University. McMahon says, “What I miss most about school is the excitement I felt leading up to the events and activities!”

Not Pictured:

Gretchen Nagle, class of 2021; Nagle will be attending James Madison University in the fall. She says the thing she misses most about school would be ¨normal in-person classes, as well as a normal senior year.¨