A Year of the Coronavirus

Written by Aidan Leahy and Megan Murphy

After one year of living with the coronavirus, the impact on high school students has significantly changed with the reopening of schools, sports, and increased vaccinations.

With three new vaccinations, over 3.1 million individuals have received at least one dose of the vaccine in Virginia, while 66.8 million have become fully vaccinated within America. 

One of the most notable changes after one year of living with the coronavirus, is the start of sports and the hybrid school option for students.  Although fans are limited, players are required to wear masks during practice, and social distancing restrictions are still in place, there has been significant movements towards getting back to normal. 

Freshman Kamryn Harper comments on hybrid learning, “Having the opportunity to choose hybrid learning and being able to go back into school is moving things forward at a quicker pace.”

Senior Rebecca Stuckey predicts what our lives will look like a year from now. “In a year, I think the coronavirus will have gone away and will be much more manageable since the vaccine will be more developed and the proper precautions can be made ahead of time, similar to the flu.”