An Ode to the 2000s


Collage made by Ryan Wright featuring: Callie Parsons, Ryan Wright, Julia Hubbuch, David Rivera-Lopez, Riley Flanagan, and Nathan Favereaux (from left to right).

Written by Annie Gilbert, Lainey Lynch, and Ryan Wright

As another school year at Woodgrove ends and another round of seniors graduate, it is plain to see time really does fly. Students grew from the minute they stepped foot in their colorful elementary school classroom to their very last steps as high schoolers on the graduation stage. The Woodgrove Outlander has compiled all of the nostalgia from the good ol’ days so students can look back and smile at how far they have come from those wild trends way back when.

Clothing Trends:

In the mid-2000s, kids thrived off of neon-colored graphic t-shirts, rainbow sequins on everything humanly possible, flamboyantly patterned bermuda shorts, and the renowned inanimate object; the mustache. The mustache became a power symbol, often used as a form of expression with a constant need to “mustache you a question.” Along with this, hair feather extensions were a must-have; and to match those wild hair accessories, crackle nail polish became a staple beauty product.  

After the lunch bell, every hallway was bombarded by a sea of night-glow yellow Nike tennis shoes paired with vibrant Nike elite socks. On the weekends, kids would hit up their local Five Below to stock up on their favorite flavored Lip Smackers and the newest Silly Bandz packs. 

Popular Music/Entertainment:

Ahhh, the music of the 2000s! Pitbull, F.UN., Bruno Mars, Sean Kingston, Flo Rida, Ke$ha, Neon Trees, P!nk, and Owl City could be found on everyone’s iPod shuffles, after waiting hours for each song to download off of the computer, causing it to overheat.

Song after song was guaranteed to get you in the partying mood, even though parties at this age consisted of laser tag and Pump it Up extravaganzas, complete with the wholesome treat of a Wegmans cookie cake.

Any elementary schooler could be found mesmerized by their TV screens, watching back-to-back episodes of iCarly, Drake & Josh, Fairly Odd Parents, Total Drama Island, and Zoey 101 whilst snacking on Fruit by the Foot. 


Since technology hadn’t hit its peak just yet, kids resorted to activities that could now be considered a choking hazard by many adults. With crafts such as Perler Beads and anything involving duct tape, it wasn’t unusual for a child to risk losing blood circulation due to an overwhelming amount of Rainbow Loom bracelets stacked up the arm. 

At recess, there was a wide array of options for each personality, from kickball to jump rope. Four square, “The Ground is Lava,” and “Grounders” were all viable options for playground activities. At home, there were more virtual options such as Club Penguin, Fruit Ninja, My Scene, and Wizard101. There was no better feeling than getting home after a long day at school, grabbing a quick snack, and running up to the office to check up on your Sim families with a cool Caprisun in hand. 

As this final year of high school comes to a close, there are many things to look back upon and see how much has changed. In this final farewell, the Woodgrove Outlander looks forward to what is to come in the class of 2021’s next great endeavor.