Class of 2021 Senior Superlatives

Written by Kylee Harrell , Kildea McMahon, and Kayla Norsworthy

The senior class of 2021 has had a school journey like no other, and the school newspaper wanted to keep one tradition alive. The Outlander staff sent out a survey for seniors to nominate and vote for a senior they thought was deserving of each category. Here are the results:

Most Creative – Greta Frederick Harteis


Most Likely to Win an ESPY (Sports Award) – Christian Hile


Most Likely to Become President of the United States – Kolbee Wisniewski


Best Dressed – Charlotte Fortunato


Most School Spirited – Charley Piercy


Most Likely to Star in Their Own Reality TV Show – Kennedy Vacca


Most Likely to Get a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – Ryan Wright


Most Likely to Travel the World – Mia Cammarota


Most Likely to Be a Comedian – Peyton Tarrant


Most Likely to Cheer You Up – Hope Fahrner


Most Musical – Alexis Mulyar


Most Outgoing – Anna Lippert


Hardest Worker – Amel Marzougui


Best Laugh – Roscoe Nankervis


Best Smile – Julia Murray


Best Personality – Delaney Bandy


Most Likely Win a Nobel Prize – Kristina Ayers


Unrelated Twins – Crain Robertson and Lexi Rovang


Friendliest Senior – Jonathan Gomez


Most Likely to Take the Broadway Stage – Emily Reeps


Most Iconic Duo – Kevin Rockett and Sean Rockett