Curating Summer Plans Based off Astrological Signs


As the first buds of spring bloom into another mystical summer, plans and preparations for the three month long break from school begin to take form. For some, the future is unknown and  summer plans are nonexistent. Fear not! The Woodgrove Outlander has curated the perfect, highly intuitive list of suggestions to cure summer boredom. 


Air Signs: 


May 21-June 20

Summer has so much in store for Gemini this year! The social butterflies of the zodiac will stay busy by taking spontaneous risks and discovering new passions. There is much potential to gain confidence and grow throughout the summer. 

Recommendations for Gemini: 

Song: “Forget me too” by Machine Gun Kelly featuring Halsey, which brings out their impulsive side.

Movie: Suicide Squad, for Gemini’s love of exploring different charachter types.

TV Show: Stranger Things, with creative cinematography and storyline. 



September 23-October 22 

The peacemakers of the zodiac are in store for a potentially rocky start to the summer. You may find yourself feeling unappreciated for all that you do for your friends and family. Libra, don’t you worry; you are the glue that holds everyone together and you will receive the recognition you deserve. As long as you keep a positive mindset, your dreams may turn into a reality in summer 2021. 

Recommendations for Libra: 

Song: “Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare)” by Kid Cudi, to inspire the zodiac.  

Movie: Sixteen Candles, a classic film that provides laughter, heartfelt moments, and romance of course.

TV Show: Love Is Blind, which may teach the romantic Libra a thing or two about love and communication.



January 20-February 18

This may be the summer for you to change the world! Volunteering or participating in philanthropy may bring you much joy throughout June, July, and August. Use your leadership and unconventional thinking to make the most of your summer. Share your stories, creative ideas, and adventures with the world and you may find yourself right where you’re supposed to be. 

Recommendations for Aquarius: 

Song: “Redbone” by Childish Gambino, to mellow out the zodiac.

Movie: Beetlejuice, for the thrill and excitement.

TV Show: Orange is the New Black, Aquarius will love watching an honest, unapologetic, female-led series.



Water signs:


Feb 19- March 20

Water sign

Pisces is the most idealistic sign of the zodiacs. This sign is highly artistic and intuitive, but at times could also wish to escape reality. In this case, there is an answer for the Pisces summer blues. Picking up a new hobby could help flex that creative muscle and allow Pisces to expand their interests, curing  summer boredom. Try something crafty like painting or jewelry making. Hit up your nearest craft store to find endless supplies for your artsy summer endeavors.

Song: “August” by Taylor Swift, to fit the daydream aesthetic of Pisces.

Movie: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, to inspire new activities.

TV show: That 70s Show, a dreamy show for a dreamy sign.



June 21-July 22

Water sign

The emotionally connected and tenacious water sign, Cancer, loves routine. But not all routines are healthy. This summer, Cancer should break out of their comfort zones and try something unexpected and spontaneous. Whether that be a last minute road trip with friends or going on the scariest rollercoaster at the amusement park, Cancer could find solace and satisfaction in a new adventure. 

Song: “Can I Call You Tonight” by Dayglow, for their emotional side.

Movie: The Outsiders, to encourage spontaneity.

TV show: Seinfeld; something old, something new.



Oct 23-Nov 21

Water sign

For Scorpio, it is hard to let go. Growing up and change can be difficult for Scorpio, especially since they are not the most emotionally expressive of the signs. This summer is the time for Scorpio to not take things for granted and live every minute to the fullest. Scorpios are often old souls and enjoy the classic summer activities like going for adventurous hikes and watching 4th of July fireworks. Even if it’s just going for a drive with the windows down or having a picnic by the water, Scorpios will appreciate the significance of simpler summer activities.

Song: “Strawberry Fields Forever”, for the old soul in Scorpio.

Movie: Dirty Dancing, a classic for the Scorpio’s love of timelessness.

TV show: Euphoria, a shorter series so that Scorpio doesn’t waste too much of their summer on the couch.



Fire Signs:


July 23-August 22

Fire sign

Leos radiate confidence with their dynamic and bold personalities as well as their incredible leadership skills. Along with the reason for being born during the summer months, Leos hold a special attraction to the sun and all solar activities. That’s why this summer is a perfect opportunity for Leo to go to the beach and soak up some rays! Swimming and beach games such as volleyball draw the competitive and spontaneous nature out of Leo. These warmer months are a great time for Leo to let loose with friends and enjoy the summer air.

Song: “Hit my Phone” by Megan Thee Stallion, for the spunky and fun nature in Leo.

Movie: Ocean’s Eleven, an action packed thriller that will leave Leo on the edge of their seats.

TV show: Jane the Virgin, a comedy drama that is sure to appeal to Leo’s more mellow side.



March 21-April 19

Fire Sign

Aries are the ambitious rams of the zodiac world, boasting bold attributes and tending to leap headfirst into whatever challenges await them. With unrelenting determination, Aries, akin to their fellow fire signs, take charge and inspire motivation within a community. This summer is full of opportunities for Aries to unite with their companions and accompany them through thick and thin. Challenges will rise, but with the right passion, Aries will break through with triumph. Exploring rocky trails and waging wars of various sports under the fiery sun will ignite the adventurous spirit within Aries. 

Song: “The Wolf” by SIAMES, to show the Aries unrelenting determination. 

Movie: Talladega Nights, to represent the passion that courses within Aries veins

Tv Show: Hell’s Kitchen,to appeal to the Aries sense of leadership within fiery fast paced content. 



Nov 21- Dec 21

Fire sign

Sagittarius are the keen, wanderlust archers of the zodiac world. With them they carry thrill seeking and optimism, searching for the world’s hidden secrets. Sagittarius find it easy to blend into friend groups, bringing humor and a sharp tongue. As for this summer, this sign will likely find themselves around a campfire accompanied by friends, cracking jokes and telling exhilarating stories. With a flair for the dramatic, Sagittarius may attempt more thrilling endeavors such as water or motorsports. A leader at heart, many will find themselves amongst friends, governed by adventure and comedic wit. 

Song: “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley, this song radiates optimism and happiness, just like Sagittarius.

Movie: Burning Sands, a drama packed movie that will surely grab Sagittarius’ attention.

TV Show: You, to appeal to Sagittarius’ very honest and idealistic demeanors as well as their more dramatic side.



Earth signs: 


December 22-January 19

Earth sign 

Capricorns are determined individuals in favor of authority and a feeling of completeness from accomplishing goals and attaining power. Headstrong and organized, Capricorns enjoy arranging a backyard movie night with friends. This sign will attain a feeling of completeness and empowerment after seeing the excitement on their friends’ faces after planning a successful event. 

Song: “New Kid in Town” by the Eagles, this comforting tune will allow fellow Caps to channel their inner dad rock personalities. 

Movie: The Harry Potter series, for their inner Hermione Granger. 

TV Show: Unsolved: Murder Mysteries, for the sleuth in Capricorn. 



April 20-May 20
Earth sign

Taurus’ love the finer things in life; food, fashion, and fun, but they are also quite grounded and easy to get along with, which can occasionally wreak stubbornness. Similar to Capricorns, Taurus can be level headed and strong willed. Taurus would appreciate a good shopping day to relax and indulge on clothes and good food at the mall. 

Song: “My Life” by Billy Joel; Taurus are intuitive and know what they want. 

Movie: Signin’ In the Rain, a feel-good classic to bring up that nostalgic feeling within a Taurus. 

TV show: The Simpsons; a wacky yet nostalgic show to keep a Taurus entertained. 



August 22-September 22

Earth sign

Put simply, Virgos are kind people. Practical, loyal, and easy to get along with, Virgos make great friends. Although many may get along with a Virgo, they will not inherently get along with others. They can be critical of themselves and others which leads them to excessive worry. Much like all other earth signs, Virgos know what they want and rarely venture past their boundaries. This summer, it would be great for Virgos to get out of their comfort zone and do some volunteer work, possibly involving their love for animals. 

Song:  “Jolene” by Dolly Parton; this song is innocent yet devious at the same time, which is perfect for the classic temptation within a Virgos’ personality. 

Movie: Scream; a cheesy and classic film to the point where it’s almost unbearable yet comforting. 

TV show: Keeping Up with the Kardashians; to fulfill a Virgo’s love for drama without it having to be their own.