Ending The Year On A Strong Note

Written by Rachel Schneeberg and Ryan Wilkinson

The class of 2021’s journey to graduation has been fraught with struggles stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic on top of the already demanding workload that comes with graduating from high school. In spite of all those challenges, members of the 2021 graduating class have excelled in their studies and offer some final parting wisdom to their underclass counterparts.


Senior Ty Lombardo:

Lombardo is aware that outstanding grades don’t come easily. Having taken ten college level courses during his time at Woodgrove, he had to find ways to keep himself going. “What kept me motivated to keep studying was probably rather selfish, but I don’t think I’m the only one. I am motivated by the possibilities of my future,” says Lombardo. “Many of us tend to think that if we don’t do well on this test or in this class, we’re going to have no future.  I think that’s an unhealthy way to look at it. Instead, you should be motivated by your drive to excel in all things, and you should have a passion for learning.” Ty is committed to the University of Virginia and plans on studying for a degree in International Relations and Affairs. When asked what suggestions he’d give struggling students, Ty offered up this advice, “It’s easy to say that they should work harder or study more, but one thing I’d suggest is to find a way to love each class. There’s a reason you’re learning what you’re learning, and although you may not see it yet, you’re gaining something unique from every class you take.” 


Senior Anna Lippert:

Lippert had a different approach on how to succeed during her high school career. “I’d say to students struggling in their classes to go in and talk to their teacher about it. Developing a relationship with your teacher in the class that is the most challenging for you is something that has definitely helped me a lot over the years.” Lippert’s impressive report card is just one indication of her hardworking nature. Outside of school, she lifeguards and works at a local pet store. In the coming years, Lippert plans to study business at Elon University. Her courseload helped her get into the school. “Junior year, I took almost all APs, but I took one fun elective of public speaking (my favorite class I have taken at Woodgrove). This year, however, I switched to taking more DE classes and I am also taking culinary arts as a fun elective, which is also one of my favorites.” When asked what she may have done differently she stated, “I wish I took some sort of theatre class as a fun elective, but I just never got the chance to fit it in my schedule.”

Whether it be a teacher, a friend, or a family member, support systems are crucial in helping  a student succeed in their education. The Class of 2021’s careers are just beginning, but what a promising start they have made.