Six Summer Job Ideas


Bea Maulfair, Ava Fahrner, Kyra Jones working at B Chord Brewing in Round Hill, VA

Written by Claire Davison, Maddie Shea, and Sarah Burns

School has ended, temps are high, and pools are open; summer has begun. Summer is a prime time to relax but is also a perfect opportunity to make money, meet new people, and learn new skills. Here are six summer job ideas recommended by Woodgrove students. 



If you love kids or are thinking about working in a field that involves children, babysitting is a perfect summer job! There are always parents looking for extra help during the summer and you get to be your own boss; you can set your schedule and charge your own rates. Sophomore Madison Kracke says the best part of her babysitting job is the “goofy and fun” kids. If you’re interested in babysitting, ask around the neighborhood or make a post on social media to advertise. 



Many restaurants are hiring for summer in Loudoun County where you can prepare food, work as a cashier, or become a host. One of these hiring businesses is Grutos Soft Serve in Purcellville, recommended by 10th grader Spencer Wilson. He says Grutos has free ice cream throughout the day, large tips, flexible hours, and negotiable pay. Another great option is La Petite Lou Lou in Purcellville. Tenth grader Fiona Johnson says, “The environment is so welcoming!” and they give good tips and have accommodating hours. Some hiring businesses in Loudoun include a new Chipotle, Popeyes, and Brusters Ice Cream Shop in Compass Creek and an Outback Steakhouse in Leesburg.



As summer approaches many pools are looking for employees. If lifeguarding is not for you, there are still other options that may be appealing. Eleventh grader Lindsay Price works the front desk at Lovettsville Pool. “It’s nice to see people and I love being in the sun,” says Price. Other local pools include Franklin Park Pool, Claude Moore Recreation & Community Center Pools, and Round Hill Indoor Aquatic Center. If you are looking to be a lifeguard, you must undergo training, which can be done through Red Cross or private instructors.



From grocery stores to clothing, there’s something for everyone in retail! Junior Grace Rand works at Harris Teeter in Purcellville and says she enjoys working with her coworkers and has a modifiable schedule. If you like spending time with animals, 12th grader Anna Lippert recommends Dog Krazy in Leesburg. Lippert says Dog Krazy has flexible hours and good management. More recommendations include: Total Pools and Service in Purcellville, Calvin Klein in Leesburg, and Marshalls in Ranson, West Virginia. 


Outdoor Freelance Work

There is no shortage of rural land in western Loudoun, therefore there’s always outdoor and farm jobs available. There are various options; you can mow lawns, help with construction, or be a farm hand. Many Woodgrove students work at Great Country Farms, and they are currently hiring! The perks of outdoor work are staying active, setting your own schedule (if you’re freelancing), working with animals, and socializing with others.


Breweries and Wineries

While you may not be able to serve alcohol, breweries and wineries are an extremely popular place to work for teenagers. You can prepare and serve food, clean, or work in customer service, like selling t-shirts or other merchandise. Many breweries are family and/or pet friendly, creating a lively atmosphere. Sophomore James Dougherty works as an operational manager at B Chord Brewing. “I have gained exceptional insight into what it takes to run a business; from assessing profit and loss, to hiring events, scheduling, and even payroll,” says Doughtery. Some recommended local breweries and wineries include: Bluemont Vineyard, Bear Chase Brewery, Dirt Farm Brewery, Creeks Edge Winery and B Chord Brewing. 


However you chose to spend your time this summer, stay safe and enjoy your well-deserved break!