The 2021 Grammys

The 63rd Grammys occurred on Mar. 14th, 2021. Pictured is a Grammy Award Given to the winning artist, songwriters, etc.)

The 63rd Grammys occurred on Mar. 14th, 2021. Pictured is a Grammy Award Given to the winning artist, songwriters, etc.)

Written by Anna Cristofano, Gianna Costanzo, and Maeve Bauer

On March 14th, the 63rd annual Grammy’s Award ceremony was held to acknowledge and celebrate the nominees and winners of this past year’s music. Along with the traditional nominations and iconic fashion choices came the trials and tribulations of the ever-looming pandemic.

COVID protocols caused the Grammys to cost a significant amount of money, more than ever before. “I don’t have an exact number, but the COVID protocol alone is millions and millions of dollars,” says Academy Interim President/CEO, Harvey Mason Jr. Safety precautions included: frequent testing, social distancing, vaccination, and mask-wearing. 

Videos were released of some celebrities pulling their masks down to have conversations. “I felt that pulling their masks down could have caused a higher risk and made some people feel uncomfortable or unsafe,” says sophomore Erin Collins. However, “I think if they required everyone who went to have a negative test and they were all staying apart, it was enough for everyone to stay safe,” states Collins.

One thing COVID can’t affect are the notable wins, like Taylor Swift’s album, Folklore, making this the third time she’s won Album of the Year. Billie Eilish received Record of the Year for her song “Everything I Wanted”, and Beyonce won four Grammys this year, bringing her to a total of 28 Grammy wins.  

It is always difficult to see personal favorites lose. Freshman Izzy McIvor says she wished Harry Styles won the music video award instead of Beyonce.

The Grammys were met with some criticism after Zayn Malik tweeted at them saying that the award show nomination process was biased and included favoritism, racism, and networking. McIvor agrees, “There are plenty of people who deserved a nomination that didn’t get it.”

A crowd-pleasing component of every award show is fashion. Celebrities wear the latest fashion trends that either are a complete hit or a total miss.

Taylor Swift ruled the red carpet in a gorgeous sheer dress covered in exotic flowers and a cute mask that intertwined the theme of her two new albums Evermore and Folklore.

 For some celebrities, it was their first debut on the Grammy red carpet and they wanted to make a statement. Artist Harry Styles, who opened up the show with a bang in a full black leather suit with a pop of color in lime green boa, made a grand entrance as he received his first award as a solo artist. 

“Phoebe Bridgers stood out to me because it was just very strange yet fit her style and even matched some of her merch and stuff, which was pretty cool. It was also an unusual silhouette,” says Layna Capritta. The singer took the red carpet by storm in a unique skeletal one piece with a dark black lip to match. 

Another performance outfit that left viewers speechless was Doja Cat in a form-fitting latex bodysuit from head to toe. Megan the Stallion also took the stage in a sheer, studded leotard that left the audience stunned. 

Along with the hits of the night, some outfits rendered viewers speechless, and not in the best way.  “My least favorite outfit was probably Lizzo’s because it just reminded me a little too much of a 2003 prom in like Missouri or something,” states Layna Capritta.

From the amazing performances to the beautiful and chaotic outfits and the continuing pandemic, this Grammy season will go down in history.