The Best Time to Start Listening to your Holiday Favorites

The holiday season has started and so has the debate about when holiday music should start being played. Through a series of interviews with various Woodgrove students from each grade and a poll of 244 students, The Woodgrove Outlander has found resolution to when you should start blasting your favorite seasonal songs.

Photo of Kayla Wagner. (Photo provided by Kayla Wagner)

Woodgrove Senior Kayla Wagner starts listening to holiday music in November. She says it’s closer to Thanksgiving, making it feel festive. Wagner says March is when seasonal listening should end. “I feel like January is pushing it, but you’re still in winter, March is closer to spring, so it’s done.”

Woodgrove Junior Gracelynn Hollar has no real start time to her holiday music. “Last year or two years ago, I started in July and didn’t stop until February.” She realizes normal people probably start listening after Black Friday, usually when they start decorating.

Photo of Danielle Price. (Maeve Bauer)

Woodgrove Sophomore Dani Price starts listening to holiday music around November and thinks holiday music should end at the New Year.

Photo of Bella Jones. (Maeve Bauer)

Woodgrove Freshman Bella Jones believes that the earliest time someone should listen to holiday music is November. “After Thanksgiving, since it’s the next big holiday.” Jones says the right time to stop listening is. “Probably by the time winter break ends, so after New Years.”

Poll taken by the Woodgrove Outlander to determine when the best time to listen to holiday music is.

Through interviews with different students from each grade level and a school wide poll, The Outlander determined the best time to listen to holiday music is late November.