Words from the Wolverines’ Wisest: featuring Zach Soska and Catherine Caputo

Zach Soska (Provided by Logan Johnson).

How do you stay clear of senioritis?

ZS: By keeping track of all the graded work and setting a time to do it when I get home.

CC: I remind myself that a cap and gown is the reward for four years of hard work.


What would you tell incoming freshmen?

ZS: I would tell incoming freshmen to not be afraid to try a new club or sport and to not let anyone else influence your decisions other than yourself.

CC: Get involved early and start building a great resume that’ll be appealing to colleges.


What do you recommend to wear to school?

ZS:  It’s always best to dress comfortably for school because you don’t want to sit around for 7 hours miserable in an uncomfortable outfit, even if it makes you look good.

CC: Sweatpants and sweatpants. I am not trying to impress anybody. The question is, who are you trying to impress? 


What is the best way to study?

ZS: The best way to study varies for classes. For classes like math and sciences that have problems, the best way would be to just do problems repeatedly until you are comfortable. 

CC: If you pay attention to the content in class, then voila. Revisit the material the night before and the morning and you’re golden.


Catherine Caputo (Provided by Logan Johnson).

Is there a best time during the school day?

ZS: The best time during school is after whatever lunch you have because around that time you are halfway through your day, and that always helps me get through my day.

CC: Yes, when I clock into school at 8 A.M. before the teachers roll in. There is finally some peace and quiet, perfect for napping in the L400 hallway.


What is the best breakfast for school mornings?

ZS: The best choice for breakfast for school mornings would be either Chick-Fil-A or Dunkin Donuts, but if you can’t get either of those, cereal; it is easy and doesn’t taste horrible, so that’s my go-to.

CC: A sour cream donut from Giant. Don’t knock it till you try it.