College specialist gives advice to juniors

students in auditorium

Junior Akia Polk-Perry takes notes on a worksheet about college costs during a special presentation from

Since college looms in the not-so-distant future, juniors heard Mr. Ryan Reed, of, talk about the basics of choosing a  college during flex on November 16.

Students learned about the do’s and don’ts of the college process. Reed incorporated interactive games and workbooks into his lecture. He used the acronym CRITERIA to illustrate for students how to look at colleges. Reed reinforced the importance of extra-curriculars, volunteering, and internships. “What you do inside the classroom will get you the interview. What you do outside the classroom will get you the job,” Reed said.

Considering the continuously rising cost of tuition, Reed suggested ways to cope with costs. One of the easiest ways to help pay for college is scholarships. Reed walked students through applying for scholarships and shared precautions to take during the process. He also encouraged everyone to apply for financial aid.

Students found the information to be enlightening, if sometimes discouraging. “I learned that the average cost of college tuition is $19,000 per year,” junior Akia Perry-Polk said.

Reed is a Virginia Tech alumni and played lacrosse while in college. He has traveled a lot working for “I live 9 miles from here, but I’ve been as far as Alaska,” Reed said.

Guidance Director Geri Fiore set up the presentation to “motivate juniors to get excited about the college process.” She hopes the students will learn the basic process of choosing a college as they move toward their senior year. is one of the largest employment websites in the world.