Historic pep rally sparks spirit

As the first Friday afternoon of the school year rolled around, students and faculty gathered in the gym to show their spirit and challenge their classmates to a race for the first spirit plate win of the year.

To start off the pep rally, laughter broke out as math teacher Jeff Schutte and the cheerleaders came out and “Dougie’d” as a surprise performance for the audience. Continuing a tradition started last year, seniors Al Back and Evan McCarthy continued to entertain the crowd by performing their very own “Woodgrove Swag” rap.

A shout-out to the fall extra curricular activities was given when the fall sports were introduced and their accomplishments were stated. The marching band and color guard performed an impressive piece, as well as the well-known Fight Song. The cheerleaders performed for the first time in front of the whole school for the year.

“It’s always nerve-wracking when we perform, but it’s also a lot of fun,” said sophomore cheerleader Addie Segerdahl.

Activities such as a makeup competition, the loudest class, and how much birthday cake could be eaten without hands had spirited participation from each class high. The freshmen class of 2015 won their first-ever spirit plate contest by being the loudest class, closely followed by the seniors. Freshman Olivia Anderson said her first high school pep rally was “really fun and a great way to get everyone pumped up for the game.”

The seniors bounced back after the freshman upset when blindfolded Chase Rustand managed to put make-up on JJ Sarty, the best showing out of all four classes and a faculty team.

Sophomore representatives Collin Peterson and Brooke Winsor were the first contestants to eat a cake without their hands. The win gave the sophomore class their first spirit plate contest win of the afternoon, and maybe a stomachache.

The varsity football team showcased their excitement and enthusiasm of the first home game of the season by leading the school in the signature “Woodgrove Clap” and chanting their “Pride” huddle cheer.

As most thought the event was winding down, surprising spirit plate results were revealed, which left the junior class locked in fourth place and a three way tie between the seniors, sophomores, and freshmen.

“Our junior class needs to step it up. A lot,” said junior Roni Salamone.

To break a three-way tie, a dance and spirit competition was called to order. Representing the freshmen was Corey Kidd, sophomore Collin Peterson took the stage again, and Florence Thompson represented the senior class of 2012.

A unanimous vote was given to the senior class for first place, second place was given to the sophomores, and freshmen came in third to settle the spirit plate three-way tie.

Football player junior Taylor Huskey had mixed reviews of the rally, but, when it came time to hit the field and put some spirited points on the board, he pointed out, “We ended up winning, which was awesome.”

“I think that the pep rally was special because it was the first with all four classes in Woodgrove history,” said junior Roni Salamone. The historic pep rally came to an end as the school chanted the fight song, which, indeed, later led to football’s  win in the second year of school history.