The “Principal” of Education

The student population isn’t the only thing that’s expanding.

Teachers are expanding in the way they administer assessments. Data binders, which were introduced at the beginning of the year, help keep track of formative evaluations. With checkpoints on when to administer these regular ungraded cumulative assessments, the goal in mind is that students understand the key points of the course.

“We need checkpoints along the way to make sure that every single student gets what it is we’re trying to teach them,” said Principal Ric Gauriloff.

Eventually, these programs will lead to other advances in the way teachers figure out what students don’t completely understand. Clearing the way for these advancements is our very unique principal. While other principals confine themselves to an office he observes classes while forming relationships with students.

When asked why he roams the halls, Gauriloff said, “If I was in my office all day I would hate it. I like being out, seeing you guys, and observing classes.”

Past experience has helped him develop his teaching philosophy. He was the former assistant principal of two different high schools, principal of a middle school, and a former science teacher.

“We are where we are through hard work and perseverance, and if you have that down there’s not much more you can change.”