Aerospace field trip

Traveling to Leesburg Airport on Friday, September 30th, the Aerospace classes got a glimpse of future job opportunities and modern flight. All blocks attended, leaving the school soon after 8:45 and returning before the normal school day was over.

As the first class field trip of the year, the classes attended the Sixth Annual Aviation Expo from 10 am to 2 pm at Leesburg Executive Airport. Students were informed of job opportunities relating to flight and Aerospace engineering by guest speakers, including pilot and entrepreneur Jamail Larkins and Navy Fighter Pilot Meagan Flannigan.

“It was really exciting. I learned about a ton of job opportunities in the Aerospace field and flight fields,” said sophomore Hannah Thomas.

After presentations, students sat in a 14 million dollar helicopter in the PROJECT HANGER. They also got to observe a demonstration lift off for the helicopter shortly thereafter.

“The coolest part of the trip was sitting in the helicopter. I got to talk to the guy flying it. It was a good time,” said senior Ryan Pack.