Seniors Seek Privileges

Having seniors brings a new challenge for staff and students, to decide on privileges for seniors. Without privileges already in place from previous years, it is tough to decide what is or isn’t acceptable for the senior class.

Currently, the senior class has their own lunch court outside, and can apply for early release. Seniors are now suggesting new privileges or saying that they would like more of them, but are not suggesting privileges that meet the criteria of the administration. So Woodgrove teachers have offered up ideas of privileges that they had as high school seniors.

John Sharples and Katie Smith said that they had a senior courtyard that no other class could use. Bob Kane and David Noland had the ability to leave and eat lunch outside of school property. Other privileges included leaving for lunch five minutes before the other classes. Teachers also offered up ideas as to what they thought the senior class should be allowed to do. Teresa Holland suggested to have all senior drivers leave at 3:40 so the parking lot would not be as crowded at the end of the day.

Seniors weighed in on what privileges they would like to have. Senior Ashlyn Dacey said that she would like to not have to take final exams. Caleb Welsh said he thinks seniors should get out of class five minutes early. Denis Radcliffe offered that seniors could leave campus for lunch with a sign in and sign out sheet.

SCA President Florence Thompson is collecting ideas from students to present to Principal Gauriloff. Thompson said that one prerequisite is that the privilege doesn’t affect class time.